Explosion of scent

You know after you’ve been out camping for the weekend and you head home and get into the shower on Sunday afternoon? You get in, turn on the shower and the instant the water hits your naked body and especially when it runs through your hair, the smell of wood smoke explodes from your skin and hair… your nostrils fill with the scent and you smile over all those good things that happened on the trip. I’ve always loved that experience, that punctuation to end a camping trip. It’s far more enjoyable than the “unloading all the camping gear into the bins” and washing all the dishes you ignored on Sunday morning punctuation.

Well, I get that same explosion of scent some morning after my lover and I have had some good fucking. Like last night. And this morning. And when I went into the shower I could smell her so intensely, so wonderfully, it instantly brought my cock to attention and I smiled at our fun that we had the night before. And that morning as well. ;)

Sure, I’ll admit that I took the soap to my cock and stroked it while I reminisced about our recent couplings. No problem there. ;)

Just another lovely reminder of the joy that she and I share, often, together.

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