“I like that”

Saturday morning, I was up early for some reason, perhaps the swollen cock in the tube had something to do with it. Madame woke up for a pee and went back to bed, insisting I come pet her back to sleep, which I did. I snuggled in and she groggily asked “Did you ever fall back asleep after you were kneeling by the bed?” I indicated that I had, but then was awakened again later by the same thing and never went back to sleep. She squeezed my balls and said “I like that.”

She has grown to enjoy my being in chastity and I in turn love that. Chastity certainly isn’t much fun when practiced alone, though the masturbatory fantasies surrounding lockup certainly can fuel the fires of a solitary person – I get that – believe me I do. But it’s so much better with two (or more!) people involved in the game.

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