Oops, surprise!

Madame and I spend part of our weekend at a “friends of the family” home, a gorgeous place. Expansive, gorgeous, tasteful. We had a good time. The bar was also expansive and I, having been up early, was the first to go to bed. A bit drunk, but still feeling very owned by my lovely woman, locked up by her, the key dangling in her cleavage all night long, I proceeded to take the proper spot that her dog should take when retiring first. I took at pillow and blanket and lay on the floor.

Turns out that Chloe was rather impressed with our lodging and paraded some of our other inebriated family and friends through said room before SHE went to bed. Puzzled, they found a sleeping dog (me) on the floor. Chloe explained it away issuing forth that “Oh, he must have been confused and thought $FRIEND was staying in here with me… ” which could have made some sense. Never mind that a collared, chastity bound, otherwise naked me was underneath the blanket, snoring away while his liver worked out all the details of the night, from the bourbon to the gin to the vodka and everywhere in between. Nevermind that there was plenty of other bed or futon lodging available as well.

Chloe later came to bed and I did my promised duties as she pulled me up into the bed and we slept together.

I just wanted to wait for her before assuming the bed. It seemed a logical place for me to wait. I never expected a tour group in the bedroom. They all know about our kink, but I think they weren’t entirely sure of where it goes. And this was just one place it went. On the floor. I’m not really embarrassed, but I hope that none of the other folks are embarrassed either. It’s never my intention that our kink spill over to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

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