Restful sleep? Well, different

It’s been a few times we have fallen asleep this way, but I do it because it leaves me in a comfortable and very servicing position. Here’s how it works. She’s lying on her left side and her right knee is bent, pulling her right leg up a little and exposing her inner left thigh. It is there, her inner left thigh, where my head rests. My feet are up by her head and her hand can reach my cock and balls, all locked up in the Steelheart chastity device. It is from this position that I can rub her back gently, petting her to sleep, all while my mouth can still place more gentle kisses on her ass.

Last night, she also directed me to kiss her toes. This brought me down lower and now my crotch was more open to her hands and she used that opportunity to penetrate my ass while I licked and kissed her toes. She did turn more onto her back while we were doing this so she could access me without awkwardly twisting her arm.

She would roughly finger fuck my ass, demanding I apply more of my spit to her fingers while she did so and I would kiss her feet. This is a new position to allow such attentions, so it was incredibly highly charged with my submission and her dominance. Often times she would be fucking me so hard I had to cry out into her feet and gag myself with her toes. “Cry for me” she would say.

After some time and several instances of my crying out into her feet, she called me back up to pet her, she was ready for bed. I cleaned her fingers with my mouth, kissed her ass again and settled my head back onto her inner thigh. We fell asleep like that, my face just an inch from her bottom and my head resting comfortably on her thigh. We slept for hours and only on her first wakeup, the first light of day starting to fill the room, did she rouse me and direct me to spoon her again, which I did. We slept as spoons for a while.

Having the warmth of summer certainly does lend itself to lying across the bed without worry of sheets and blankets. And lends to my not feeling smothered under those covers.

It’s not an entirely new position but it was certainly more involved. She also enjoyed my kissing and licking her toes. Neither of us are big foot fetishists, but we are both gaining an appreciation for the task and duty of kissing her feet and I think she’s enjoying the perceived humiliation of my cleaning her toes with my mouth. She also very much enjoyed my suffering at her fingers fucking my ass. I haven’t asked her, but I would bet that her hearing my moans, groans and crying out would have been her most favorite part of the evening. It seems like a case of “be careful what you wish for” when you ask for your Mistress to be a little more cruel to you. Now that she’s enjoying hearing my misery, she finds more ways to torture me.

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