I love you too…

She and I have come to a conversational understanding. We were long looking for a way to speak to each other in a D/s manner in vanilla context. We came up with her calling me Johan, the German version of my name. And I call her “Ms. $LASTNAME” (Can’t quite say it here in the blog, but the emphasis is on the “Ms.”). It’s been working wonderfully for us.

In recent times, I’ve come to answer her comments of “I love you” with “I worship you”. Of course, saying “I worship you” in vanilla space is awkward, so recently, mostly around the house, I’ve taken to answering her with “W”. And if someone asks, we can explain away with “I love her twice as much.” (Double ‘you’) But we haven’t had to explain, yet.

So I’ve been saying that to her for a couple months now. And I, as the submissive guy in the relationship, I default to the “W” – because while I know I love her and she knows I love her, the worship is my submissive side able to come out and the worship cannot happen without the underlying love. She’s missed my saying “I love you too” back… and yesterday morning she said “You know, you can say ‘I love you too, sometimes’ ” to me.

Later this morning, we were separating our worlds for our morning errands and she was on her way to leave and said “I love you.”

“I love you too sometimes” was my reply. We both laughed. I love her very much. And not just sometimes. #literalist

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