Story from the archives

This is a true story, as best I can remember it, from a few years ago.

I was living alone with 3/7 child custody so 4/7 of the week I was either staying with Madame or by myself at my place. Madame had an event planned where she was traveling past my house (well, my house was was within 2 miles of the highway, she was heading up the highway) and I was hoping she might stop by.

It was also at this time that I was practicing some self bondage. Since I had the house to myself and planned to be alone, with a chance of a visit from her, I decided to tie my self up. I assembled the spanking bench we had (a basic two level bench) and started binding myself up for the night. I had ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, a gag, a blindfold a stocking to hold some of the above onto my head and I’m pretty sure I was wearing a pair of stockings on myself as well. My balls were also bound up to some other part of my body. Before I had put myself into such a position, I set a few things on the table, just in case she showed up for a visit. There was also a note on the table, indicating that she should “use” the person all tied up and feel free to “mark it” before she left. I had put down a nice piece of plastic under the bench in the idea that she might, on her way out, piss on me.

I had earbuds in and was listening to a long set of some kind of new age/electronica/trance type music when I thought I could sense someone coming into my apartment. It was her, she had decided to visit. I couldn’t hear what she was saying very well, but she was impressed with finding a completely bound man at her mercy lying on a bench in his bedroom. I was in no position to resist her.

Her hands roamed about my body. She caressed and pinched and slapped. She found the toys I had left on the table. Lube was splashed onto my ass. She fingered my ass roughly and stroked my cock as well. Her hands pulled at my balls. She spit on my ass to keep the lube wet. After her fingers explored and opened me, I soon felt a dildo banging at the back door, but it didn’t take her long to shove it into me. This was, by far, the most brutal fucking she had ever given me. Being gagged, I could not protest to her as she fucked me. I was bound tightly to the bench and she fucked me hard with the cock. My own cock swelled as she fucked me. Her hand pulled at the hair on my head, dislodging the earbuds from my ears, which she noticed, finally realizing that most of the things she had been saying were falling on deaf ears. She pulled my head back with one hand and fucked my ass with the other, now talking about how beautiful it was to rape me. I whimpered as she fucked me. I could hear her smile. She was getting off on this and I was happy for it. She tired of fucking my ass and pulled the cock out, it landed on the bench with a thump, bouncing against my leg as the wet lubricated cock left its wet mark on my calf.

She let my hands free and told me to undo the rest, as I had some complicated measure of my collar being attached to my balls, which she couldn’t understand. She didn’t piss on me, but she did get me closer to naked and took me to bed where she held me and cuddled with me until we fell asleep. I thought she was going to drive off to home, but she decided she couldn’t leave me like that and wanted to stay with me. I was happy about that, but in a way disappointed that I wouldn’t be used and then left to myself. But there’s a future ahead of us and more fantasies to turn to realities and plenty more play to have in our own future.

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