It hangs from a chain

As is becoming customary these days, I was locked up while I was away from her this weekend. I presented her cock to her Friday morning, already in the tube and simply waiting for the placement of the lock and the “click” that would secure her property while it went on a weekend away with family. Monday morning I received from her one of the most erotic images I’ve ever received from her.

Her key

Her key hangs from a chain

When I saw the image on my phone, I felt so very warmly loved, so very held, so very close to her, though I was many miles away. I immediately felt so publicly owned, so publicly on display, as if everyone who saw her today during her busy workday, would know that “Oh, John is THAT kind of partner to you? He’s locked up for you? That’s so sweet!” and every single person would know exactly what I would do when I got home to meet her and ask her to unlock this cock and release it. My cock swelled to fill its cage when I saw the image of the key resting on her chest.

It’s that public part of it that really does it for me. She could be in the grocery store and another woman or man that could recognize such a small key would smile at her. Perhaps even say a word or two “I love your necklace… ” Perhaps a conversation would ensue. In my mind, which is oft filled with deeper fantasies than can be realized, all a person had to do was see that key and they would know everything.

Last night as I put her to bed she told me of how she felt wearing the key. She told me that previously when I was apart from her and locked up, she didn’t feel any difference about my chastity and, while she might miss me, she did not often think of my chastity. But Monday, the day she wore the key, she found herself multiple times that day fingering the key that hung around her neck. It would make her smile, make her think of me, make her remember that her slave was away, but safely locked. I think she truly felt how I hear many keyholders feel. I think she also felt the power of it. A 250 mile long leash that she could yank at any time, all dangling within easy reach of her fingertips. I think my lovely Mistress felt a deeper sense of “keyholder” than she ever has.

And I know that I felt a deeper sense of being locked than I previously had. Even across those two hundred fifty miles she had the distinct ability to make my cock swell in its chastity tube. This chastity thing can be even more intense than either of us thought before. And an even warmer experience than before.

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