New office

Madame has been moved to an actual office at work. No longer will she be out in the pool of people, not even cubicle walls to shield prying eyes, but she will be in an office. With a door. That locks. And there’s even a white noise generator outside her office as well!

This morning I was able to visit as I am still dealing with my car issues and am taking her car for the day. So I dropped her off this morning and she got to show me her office. Of course, it needs her touch to make it her space, but we did close the door. And I pulled the blinds on the door to their shut position. And I knelt on the floor in front of her and kissed her toes. But she watched the door the whole time.

I’m quite sure that Madame’s accommodations at her office are nothing like those at UCTMW Molly’s office, wherein she’ll have Mick lapping at the clean shaven folds. No, Madame’s blinds on the door are far too inadequate, people can peer in easily. There is no extra furniture, just a desk and office chair, not quite suitable to the needs of a hungry and horny Mistress. Of course, the floor is just fine for this dog, but Madame’s comfort is of concern. She did whisper to me “I’m going to fuck you in here some day”. So, I have to imagine better blinds on the door will be forthcoming.

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