Whoops I did it again

Last night, Madame came home late, I was already in bed, but I soon sprang out of bed and helped her undress, kissed her feet as I removed her pants and panties, and followed her to the bedside where she snuggled into the pillows I had already laid out for her. She does love that body pillow, particularly when I’m not in bed with her. Last night, she curled up to that, exposing her back to me while she lay on her right side. At the bed side, I offered up worship of her body with my tongue, then added both my hands to her body and caressed her all over while I cleaned her, then continued to caress her from her neck to shoulder, back, bottom, thighs and calves. She directed me toward her feet, which I also rubbed and kissed lightly for her. A few licks might have escaped as well, but she didn’t seem to mind.

“Is all this attention to make up for your statement earlier?”

“Partly Ma’am, but not completely.” I had made comments relating to the status of our relationship with far too much humor and not enough forethought, which I realize were inappropriate. Sometimes my “comfortable humor” gets too uncomfortable for other folks – this was one of those times.

I continued rubbing her and while we talked, she tossed the end of the leash to me, which I clipped onto her collar, already around my neck. I rubbed, we chatted. I realized my error and she wasn’t very upset, but it’s something I’ll need to watch in the future. Unfortunately, one can’t say “Oh, I’m her slave… ” when someone mistakenly addresses you as “husband”, so you have to say something else.

Soon she pulled on the leash and directed me to join her in bed, as previous I was simply kneeling in the small space between the wall and the bed. It’s one of those spaces so small that to turn around while kneeling takes some significant effort, as you cannot simply turn, but you must get up, turn, then back down again.

I joined her in bed, continued rubbing her body and we talked. I mentioned a story I had read earlier that evening on the HerPiggy tumblr which really roused the prurient interest in me and I gave her an ever brief synopsis of the story. It really was arousing and I admitted to her of my jerking off to the story while I read it. I rubbed her as I talked, she lay there asking some small questions to clarify the story line for herself, and did not touch me at all.

We settled in a little more. She moved from up on her left side to a more prone position on the bed, which frees up her left hand. She grasped at my balls and I moved to get into just that right spot where we fit perfectly together. There were some other points of conversation, not related to the story, but soon we were both close to sleep and yet I was still highly aroused. I mentioned this to her. “Ma’am?”

“Yes, pup?”

“I think I could have an orgasm right now. May I?”

“Yes, pup” she replied, with a smile in her voice and a squeeze of my balls. And that squeeze was all it took. A couple deep breaths and I was soon pushing myself into a very strong orgasm. I grabbed Mistresses pillow with my right hand, though most of it was under her and my own pillow in my left and my body shook from head to toe. I buried my face into my own pillow as the feelings grew more intense and I cried out. I willed myself to end the orgasm, as I knew I could have kept going for far longer. I felt her squeezing my balls as I came down, acknowledging my pleasure with her own hand.

“Thank you, Ma’am.”

“You’re welcome, pup.”

“That was a strong one.”

“Indeed pup. Good job on not hurting me.”

“Yes Ma’am. I’ve tried to remain aware, even when I’m losing my mind.” (I’ve sometimes squeezed her a little too hard while in the throes of orgasm)

I pet her back, her bottom, her shoulders. She squeezed my balls one last time and I heard the tell tales breathing that told me she was asleep. I pet her longer, let her fall deeper into her slumber and then turned my head into my own pillow as I let myself wander into that same place.

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