As I’ve written before, I’ve practiced how to achieve orgasm without ejaculation and have had some success, but not enough practice has been done. Still, twice in the past week, I’ve been able to experience at least one really good orgasm and one tentative and gentle orgasm just through Madame’s squeezing of my cock and balls, mostly the balls. Other stimuli was there as well, but it was a great thing to experience. I’ve also been able to provide her with two wonderful orgasms over the past week while inside her and managed not to cum inside her… so there’s some major happy happening on both sides of the bed.

3 thoughts on “Squeeze

  1. In our house, there is a mandatory monthly milking that Mistress insists on. Lately, the last several times, Mistress will only massage my balls and completely and utterly avoid any contact with my penis. From this alone, I have been able to not only ejaculate, but ejaculate A LOT, even more than when I am milked anally..

    • I do not receive this. I cum when she wants me to. She likes to deny me, she loves watching me struggle while I fuck her or she fucks me or she masturbates me. On rare occasions she’ll allow me to masturbate in front of her and then I’ll beg to cum and she’ll deny me. Then she’ll edge me a few more times before she’s tired of tormenting me and watching me struggle.

      There’s no set schedule here, but errors do happen at times. And then there are times when she just wants my cum to shoot and she makes it happen. I’m upwards of three weeks without ejaculation at this point.

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