I know, it’s not fair

It’s not fair that I chuckle. But while she was trying to drive home a point to me about the dish drain, my lovely Mistress used the good ol’ standby vanilla toy turned kinky and… well.. as the picture shows, we’re going to have a harder time opening and closing those mini blinds. It seems they don’t make those wands nearly as well as they used to. “I’m just going to keep beating you until there’s nothing left!”

The rod needs sparing

The rod needs sparing

And now there’s a stub of like 4 inches of mini blind wand for us to adjust the blinds with. I know I shouldn’t laugh, particularly when it comes to misfortunes of the Mistress, but it’s funny. Even she would have to admit.

I will say, I was good, I didn’t laugh out loud or fall into a laughing fit while she had this breakup with our mini blinds, but it could easily have gone that way. Perhaps if she hadn’t already had me clean her thoroughly as my wake up call – that often leads me into a more submissive state. Yeah, I think that’s the reason.

But it was funny. ;)

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