Broader service

I find myself not just serving my Mistress and partner, but looking at some other things I do as service to others. And I know that some of those things are also easily classified as “being a decent human being (DHB)”. Especially around the holidays, I like to share the joy that I get from the holidays. And if that means letting a car out in front of me or sharing one of the random gifts from the gift bag or whether it’s picking up the roommates coffee mug that they forgot and washing it, well, those are all service. And, they’re all being a DHB.

So where does one draw the line between DHB and service? I’m not sure we need a line there. And sure, that’s a hell of an easy answer (cop-out!) for such a question. But really, why? I can do my service to others as a DHB and let it reflect on my own self as a submissive male that wants to share joy with others. And if that’s what it takes to make me be more decent, well, I’m okay with that and I think the world is better for that.

At work, we did a project that talked about giving, where we interviewed several people and ask them what it was about giving that made them want to give. To a person, there was a motive they expressed that could easily be seen as “selfish” in a different light. That they would see happiness on other people’s faces, that they were making the world a better place (better world, better for all, including the giver), that they received joy back from their giving. Every single person remarked on what they get back from giving to others. And giving is just like service to me. So we all seem to have some motivation that could be seen as selfish, but only in certain light.

So, I’ll continue on being more of a DHB. And if I call it service, well, okay. For me, maybe that’s what I need. Is it selfish? Maybe. It makes me feel good, particularly when I reflect on it. And that just might be selfish. But I think it makes other people feel good, so that’s giving, right?

Well, I’ll keep on. And I hope, as I have some time off from work, which I hope STAYS time off, that I’ll be able to write more in the blog. Hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season, despite the stresses involved. Merry Christmas folks!

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