Service conflict

Well, she likes the beard trimmed tightly, which I made happen today, as she would like to see for the holidays. But then, when it comes time to clean her up this evening, as is my standard practice, the sharp and recently trimmed whiskers were far too much for her. Barely a cursory cleaning commenced before she squirmed herself away and uttered “enough, pup”. I knew why. I knew she was done.

And, as much as I may have wanted to continue, that’s not up to me. That’s not proper service. So I stopped, moved over to rubbing her back and petting her to sleep. Now placated, relaxed, she moved closer to sleep, I left her, off to finish some of the household items, prep the house for more Christmas fun, and finish up the wrapping of the stocking gifts. And maybe a thing or two she doesn’t quite know about yet.

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