Toy Chest

I thought it might be fun to keep a running tally of some of the toys we talk about in our blog, so people can more easily find them, if they’re interested.

Let’s see what I can do.


  • Tantus Ryder butt plug – One of our smaller plugs, but not smallest. Ours is orange instead of the current purple and black options from their website. It’s 4.75″c x 3.5″l. The longer “neck” on this plug seems to fit my bottom more comfortably than other toys.
  • Glass butt plug of unknown brand – Blue coloring around it, but it’s a pretty generic glass plug. 5.25″c x 2.5″l That extra half inch of circumference is eye opening.


  • Steelheart 2 from Dealing with them was slightly tricky due to language, but we eventually got a beautiful product in the size we wanted.
    Steelheart 2 by

    Steelheart 2 by

    Ours is powdercoated black and has the hole for the external lock instead of the integrated lock. Knowing what we know now, we probably would have gone for the integrated lock, as it’s simply so much cleaner looking. I’ve had it powder coated a second time since purchase. We’ve owned it since 2007. Tube length of 9.4cm, A-ring inner diameter of 4.7cm, tube width of 3.8cm.

  • Cheap Chinese short chastity device. Still unsure about this one.
  • Will China rule our cocks? No, but women might get more control with help from China.

    Will China rule our cocks? No, but women might get more control with help from China.

    Not quite as short cheap chinese chastity device. Comfy and may be a good solution, but the quality is low, as expected.





All tied up – bondage gear

  • Grip cuffs, wrist cuffs and other toys by Leather by Danny.  Danny needs a mention here not just because his gear ROCKS and he stands behind it 100%, but also because, when I was just starting in the scene I attended a play party at his space – my first party, my first thing in public. He has always been a person in our little kinky world that will do everything he can for you. He also knows what quality is and brings it to his products.



What other toys would you like to know about?