About Exquisite Dungeon

This page/blog is about power exchange, kink, BDSM, relationships and any other thing that flies across our adult minds.

I may borrow some porn from other places on the internet to spice up the pictures here and give you something to look at while reading my witticisms and observations.

I am a cis male who is relatively hedonistic regarding sexual activities and have a wonderful primary partner in Chloe who allows me to explore, with permission, with others. She may even direct activities to explore, though it has proven difficult to find suitable partners. I play with men, women and others that defy classification in a binary gender definition.

The images in the header of this blog are of us taken by photographer Scott Church and adjusted/edited to fit the space provided.

3 thoughts on “About Exquisite Dungeon

  1. Hi there,

    this is a great blog -love it !
    Have you ever tried pegging ? I haven’t found any posts, but you would probably like it…

    Anyway, I also wanted to ask you if you know my blog ( https://myfemdomlife.wordpress.com/ ) , and if you don’t know it, maybe have a look at it …I’m new to writing and woould like to find like-minded people who “live” an FLR.

    • Thanks so much for the comment! I’ll put you on my listing of blogs to read! :)

      Pegging? Yes, there’s a pegging story coming up from camp that will be fun. Our experience thus far with pegging has been minimal, but we’ve been talking and want to do it more. The story from camp will help us, as we know exactly what size cock she used on me and have researched where to find it. That should be helpful.

      • Hey, how are you? I’ve recently read you blog again, looks still good :)
        I just put the link to your site in mine, so maybe you want to do the same with mine (myfemdomlife.wordpress.com )
        Actually, my blogs doesn’t get too many readers …

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