Travel time

I like watching the TSA guy look at the screen and shake his head. I’m amused to no end. Was it the steelheart? Other things in the bag? Who knows. A pretty benign pack this time. But something made them shake their head. At least I didn’t try and hide a thing. I thought for sure they’d ask to see my razor, as it’s a double edge safety and my reading online tells me to expect a search 50% of the time, as they look for the blades, which I don’t have.

Am traveling. And yes, I packed the Steelheart and am going to get locked up in a couple minutes, once I’ve finished with my pre-flight lubrication. By which I mean beer. Madame didn’t request my lockup, but it seems like a good thing to do. I’ll be away from her, in sin city, and will have some measure of time on my hands – which I’m filling with some extracurricular activities.

Tomorrow, we hope for pics of this dog around Lake Mead. Am going to try and make naked April happen with a dip in the water. I’ve heard that rangers are not favorable to this behavior, but all one has to do is go where most people do not go. I believe that leaves many square miles of space. So, Hoover Dam? Valley of Fire? Lake Mead? I’m coming for you! Don’t give up on that 80 degree prediction tomorrow, I’m very happy to take advantage of that. I even bought some TSA approved sunscreen! And a hat that Madame won’t mind if I lose on the journey. I did NOT, however, spring the extra $ for the convertible rental car. That was just too much. And when I looked, all the convertibles had been rented, so I’d have had to rent from ANOTHER location. Not willing.


So, let’s see if I can find a power outlet in JFK for my layover. I hear Casey Neistat is traveling today, maybe I can run into him in JFK.

Is that a naked man over there?

Is that a naked man over there?