Another awakening

The other morning, she woke me differently. Drowsy, I felt her hands on my cock. Then her finger on my asshole. Soon a towel was put under my hips. Her finger delved deeper. Something else was being pushed deeper. There was a plug of some sort in my bottom.

“I know you’re full down there… but I wanted to reward you for last night.”

Last night, I had a tough time of it, feeling frustrated, but I channeled it into serving her. Instead of remaining frustrated, I moved to her feet, applied more lotion to them, as she had earlier commented that her feet were dry. Naked, I knelt at the bedside and applied her lotion, kissed her feet and returned to bed. This was a victory in my turning my frustration into service to stem the tide, and it was good for both of us.

“Keep that plug in until you come see me in the bathroom and ask permission to remove it.”

She went to dry her hair, I followed soon thereafter, as I WAS very full down there and something was going to happen soon, whether either of us liked it or not!

It’s in

Last night, after all the hub bub surrounding the Sunday Supper I hosted, everyone left, the house was quiet and Madame said “Go get a plug, we’re going out.”

Surprised, I did as ordered, leaving the dishes in and around the sink. I lay on the bed, waiting for her with lube and a small plug. She came in, praised my position and slid the plug into my bottom in no time.

“How’s that?”

“Good, thanks. Where are we heading?”

“We’re heading out to meet the toy at $PUBNAME”

And thus we did. We went, found decent parking for downtown, had a beer, took the toy home, as he had uber’d his way in and wasn’t driving (wise move), then we went back to our place where I promptly stripped naked, requested permission to remove the plug, did so, finished all the dishes and soon enough, we found ourselves in bed. Once there, Madame had me rub her back, lick her pussy and pet her to sleep. Later, after I woke to pee, I clipped the leash to the lock in my chastity device and placed the leash on her arm so she could hold me tight through the evening. Which she did.

And now, I’m away from her for a couple nights, but will be back to her again soon.

So, just a little play in public that the public had no idea about. But the toy knew. He grinned and smiled over my discomfort. I wonder how he’ll enjoy the discomfort she’ll give him on Tuesday. ;)