Soft words

I am at times struck by how just a few softly spoken words can influence me. It happens all the time in my world. From the gentle (but rare) acknowledgment of a job well done at the office to a thank you for my volunteer efforts to the more personal words of my Mistress.

She will utter words that can easily sway where I am and what I’m thinking. Tonight it was just a few words which thrilled me to no end.

I was disrobing her by the closet, kneeling before her, helping her remove shirt, pajamas, panties, socks and she was faced away from me at the end – in the moment she became naked. I kissed her cheeks and tried to nuzzle my way in between her cheeks, but with her standing, I had a difficult time getting in to find her tiny tender spot between her cheeks. “Find it” she whispered hoarsely. “Find it pup!”

I am not sure if she realizes it, but when I was in the world of ski areas, the rescue dogs were trained to the words of “Find ’em!” when they were out looking for lost skiers – or drilling for the same. So her, my Mistress and owner, telling her pup to “Find it!” hit home to an older part of my timeline. I don’t think she knows that part.

She leaned forward slightly, opening herself up to my tongue, which soon found it’s mark and make shallow attempts at touching and cleaning their mark. “Deeper” she exhorted. “Get it in there deeper” My cock swelled quickly. Her hand reached behind her, grabbed my hair, pulled me into her ass and I did, indeed, get my tongue deeper. She did, indeed, need a cleaning before bed, and I think she knew that. She brought me to the place where she knows I enjoy things, left my cock to pulse and throb, all on its own, completely untouched.

Eventually, my cock subsided while I rubbed her back in bed. I’m not even sure she knew I was so erect, as she was simply too tired to be concerned about anything related to my pleasure or discomfort. I pet her to sleep, I withdrew from the room, I felt the wet spot left behind from my earlier arousal. And now, I’m wrapping gifts and getting us all ready for Christmas.

Busy times, but we make the time to have some joy.


Let’s face it, when you haven’t cum in 25 days the site of a good loaf of bread might make you sport wood in the grocery store, particularly when you have a lovely Mistress leading you around that store.

But this isn’t about the store or bread, it’s about arousal.

She typically is up before I am, just the way the schedules work. We¬† try not to occupy the same space at the same time in the house, as the bathroom and bedroom are far too small. When we do occupy the bedroom at the same time, one of us is usually already in the bed or I’m disrobing her for the night or we are sleeping.

So, she is up, getting dressed and instead of putting her panties into the hamper, she must have thought that all her coughing and sneezing overnight was sufficient to create a lovely aromatic pair of panties – the kind of panties that her boy should be smelling while he tries to snooze a little longer. And so that’s how I spent my snoozing this morning, her lovely and beautiful sea foam green panties pressed well against my nose to inhale all her scent. Normally we both sleep naked, but given her cold, she has been protecting the sheets and bed by wearing panties.

There I lay, her panties on my face, my cock throbbing hard and raising the sheets and quilt. She twice briefly touched me to check, but it wasn’t necessary, she knew I was aroused. She didn’t pump my cock, just grabbed it. And so, when she had left the room, I did. Oh I certainly did. A drowsy, aroused, horny, horny dog took his right hand, wrapped it around his thick cock and pumped it for all of 23 seconds before he had to stop and back down as neither she nor I wanted me to spill. And so I dozed back off briefly again only to wake again and do the same exact thing to myself – tease my own self, her panties still well placed on my face and my cock never having seemed to wane from its erect state, pumping furiously for only seconds before I stopped.

I wasn’t able to keep the panties on my face while I made the bed, but I did make the bed erect and naked, save for my collar which does not come off until the bed is made. Once the bed was made, I put my glasses on, dressed in some comfy clothes and went out into the house, my cock easily pointing the way to the coffee machine.