Not always behaved

This morning she posted and showered. I woke up and caffeinated. She sat there on the bed staring at the clothes, wearing a sweatshirt and panties.

I came into the bedroom and smirked at her, pushed her back on the bed, climbed up, kissed her deeply and slid down her body. And then – I misbehaved.

I pushed her legs back and rolled up her panties, exposing her beautiful pussy. The ring on her clitoral hood peeked out from between her labia. She smiled, I could hear her smile. I kept my hands on the backs of her thighs while I squatted in front of her. My tongue delved into her pussy to taste her and make her wet. I now stood in front of her, her legs in the crooks of my arms, I wet the head of my cock and slid deeply into her. She started talking “You’re not going to be able to last, are you?” I put a pillow on her face. She could hear my smile.

I fucked her. Hard. Deep. She pulled the pillow off her face and spoke again. “You couldn’t do this last night. You were so on the edge. Today you’re able to” her voice sang to me, pushing me higher. I put the pillow back on her face and fucked her hard and deep. I pulled her hands and pulled her body against mine as I turned from a good boy to a naughty boy. Soon I was at the edge and she started grinding against me, providing a delicious friction to my cock head and pushing me to the edge. I uttered “STOP!” quickly and she stopped, smiled and pulled the pillow off her face. Soon she did it again. Again and again we did this, until she had me pushed far too close to the edge. I smiled at her. I pulled out, squatted in front of her again, cleaned her pussy of her own lubrication and licked her as dry as I could, and briefly licked her ass when I was done. I then started to roll her panties back up her and she let her legs slide off the bed as I moved back, helping her dress. We kissed, deeply. “You’re a naughty dog… ”

“Yes, I am.” I smiled.

I showered and within 10 minutes of all this behavior, I am locked securely and her key dangles between her breasts.

Happily locked, looking forward to camp, thrilled to be her plaything. Life may be busy and stressful, but life is good. Very good.