2016 has arrived. I spent last night in service driving my lovely woman and our friends around town. It was an easy time of it with the exception of the level of drunkenness of some (not my lady… ). I made it through, got home and poured myself a nice whisky on the rocks and we went to bed, naked and tangled.

I don’t do res-o-lutions any more, but I do see the new year as a good time to start off things. I have several of those and I need to start keeping track of them – so I can note progress on them.

For my D/s and service world, I have a couple of things I need to do, not the least of which is sort through who I am without my Mistress when attending D/s events. Unfortunately, for some of the events coming, Madame will be working hard at her job and unable to attend. So, I’m looking at myself at events. Whether I’ll be able to make the connections with men and women with whom I’d like to play and establishing myself as an independent person. This is a challenge for me. Chloe has her signs which she posts to help engage people with me, but I’ll have to work on my own methods of finding interest.

I have several personal goals in the coming year as well, so I’ll be working on those. Some are derived from my service to others in a vanilla context – I did some extended training with a volunteer group and have 5 goals to complete for the completion of that training. Others are just personal goals that must be accomplished.

The best part of this all is that I am optimistic. I am driven by the need to get these goals accomplished so that I can actually do them. I hope to keep the energy harnessed and focused and moving forward. And if I can do that… well… everything will just work out fine. And for that, I’ll be happy.

I wish you all a great new year and I look forward to serving you all with more writing in the coming year. Chloe and I will both be renewing the writing aspect of our lives as 2016 continues.