Yesterday was a very busy day, as I’ve mentioned. Madame was getting ready for her weekend away with friends off doing all that voodoo that they do so well*. In the morning, I went into our bathroom to get ready for my day and also add the “A ring” to my cock, as she had already indicated the day before that I’d be locked up in her absence. So, I’m putting the a-ring on and notice these bruises on my cock and remember “Yes, that’s right, she caned my cock!” The one large bruise near the bottom looked as though it was cause by the chastity a-ring, but I know it was not. It was caused by her caning me as a punishment. I’ll put the picture of it behind this jump, as anybody who doesn’t want to see my junk should not have to see my junk, especially BRUISED junk. Click on to read the rest.

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