Busy world

The world has been quite busy for me. Work has taken my to one of our other offices a couple hours away several times. Each time, Madame locks up her cock to keep it safe and secure and I wake in the night in the cheap hotel room with her cock swollen in the Steelheart chastity device. At least I know she cares about her cock. ;)

a lovely hand in a lovely pair of panties

a lovely hand in a lovely pair of panties

I’m also about to leave for a conference for work, so am headed to Las Vegas for a few days. Given the recent work schedule, my ideas of adventure while in Las Vegas may have changed from “DO ALL THE SW THINGS!” to grabbing a bottle and sitting by the hotel pool with three books. We’ll have to see which option wins. Maybe more than one?

But there is service in my life while I’m doing my service at work. Madame woke up to a lovely gentle backrub, a little bit of comfy comfy sex and some other oral service. Then she fell back asleep while I got up to make coffee and do the blog thing. With work keeping me so very busy, there won’t be much time for lazy morning oral service in the coming two weeks, so we’d better get that in now!

Also, naked time at home has pretty much stopped. One roommate returned from her winter in the tropical islands and is back. The other roommate destined to return soon as well, by the end of the month we’re told. So, we’re back to a full house. Add in a few couch surfers here and there and there’s a whole lot less of this dog sitting naked on the couch!

I’m hoping for a daily post while I’m at the conference. What would people like to hear about?