Locktober, interrupted

As we have in previous years, we’re celebrating Locktober here in the Exquisite Dungeon. I was locked on the first and secure the entire time. Until an hour ago.

Locktober cock with the key lovingly diplayed.

She enjoys using me as a canvas for her creative gestures of love. Here, the actual chain and key that dangles between her breasts while I am locked.

Unlocked, but straining to get out, the a-ring stayed on through some of the activities of a lazy Sunday morning. Some trimming of the pussy, some trimming of the boy’s dangly bits and finally some time to jump in the shower afterward. She brought me to the edge with soapy hands multiple times, the a-ring causing the cock to swell painfully. She smiled at my discomfort and teasing. I knew it was making her lustful. She’d been talking about her horny state over the past few days and she almost cursed Locktober.

Finally she departed the shower, I finished rinsing, brought the towels to the laundry room wherein I find enough idle seconds to have settled to a flaccid state and able to finally remove the a-ring. My cock free, I returned upstairs to find her on the bed, waiting for me.

I grabbed a handy little item out of the bottom drawer (it’s always the bottom drawer, isn’t it?) and brought her Hitachi up onto the bed from her bedside shelf and followed her directions.

Finally I slid into “the most comfortable sex position ever” and put the tip of my cock at her entrance while she used the Hitachi on herself. She said it would not take her long and she was already well on her way to her orgasm. My cock slipped in very slowly, gradually, gently. And I knew what was going to happen. I knew exactly what would happen if I were to thrust. She lay there, bathed in sunlight on naked skin, expecting to be fucked. And I was unable to.

I was unable to fuck. She could feel the tightness of my body, struggling to maintain control of something that desperately wanted to lose control. But she would not permit it. I was her fucktoy, and if I was unable to perform, I would be ignored.

I took the handy little toy that had been warming up in my hand and gave it a very good and deep suck, making it wet and at the same time, withdrew my cock. She was startled by sudden emptiness, but soon saw what I was doing. “Oh, yes, get it in there.” she breathed. I did and immediately started fucking her vigorously with it. That is what she needed. Now quite near the top she ran headlong into her orgasm. The Hitachi grinding into her pubis, the dildo being driven by my hand deeply and quickly into her pussy. My useless cock pulsed between my legs.

She took her orgasm and grabbed my free hand with hers. Holding hands she came, I held the cock steady, she panted, I continued to simply throb.

Coming down she spoke about how she felt. About all the build up that morning. How she knew she was going to be fucking me, using me, all along, she knew she was going to use her sex toy (me) but in the end, she didn’t even need my cock. She got off while I was there feeding her pussy with the dildo, with the Hitachi on her mons and with no need to have worried about my cock even being part of it. She indeed wanted me there, but she proved that she didn’t need me there. She said that it made her feel more sadistic to have me be so useless in that way, to have her cum without actually needing my cock, but to just have her pleasure.

I can only think that this cements in her idea that while it might be fun to release me during Locktober and tease me, she certainly won’t need to release me for being able to get her off. She’s got that well in hand. And my cock can throb inside a cage or not.

I’m very happy she had a big beautiful late Sunday morning cum. It really does make a lazy Sunday that much more enjoyable. So, now I sit here, plugged, naked on the chair writing while she is clothed and preparing a bit of a noon time snack.

Sundays are pretty awesome in October and in Locktober too. Now, I wonder if it’s too late for that Bloody Mary… Might as well have a drink to celebrate an hour or three of freedom.

It’s in

Last night, after all the hub bub surrounding the Sunday Supper I hosted, everyone left, the house was quiet and Madame said “Go get a plug, we’re going out.”

Surprised, I did as ordered, leaving the dishes in and around the sink. I lay on the bed, waiting for her with lube and a small plug. She came in, praised my position and slid the plug into my bottom in no time.

“How’s that?”

“Good, thanks. Where are we heading?”

“We’re heading out to meet the toy at $PUBNAME”

And thus we did. We went, found decent parking for downtown, had a beer, took the toy home, as he had uber’d his way in and wasn’t driving (wise move), then we went back to our place where I promptly stripped naked, requested permission to remove the plug, did so, finished all the dishes and soon enough, we found ourselves in bed. Once there, Madame had me rub her back, lick her pussy and pet her to sleep. Later, after I woke to pee, I clipped the leash to the lock in my chastity device and placed the leash on her arm so she could hold me tight through the evening. Which she did.

And now, I’m away from her for a couple nights, but will be back to her again soon.

So, just a little play in public that the public had no idea about. But the toy knew. He grinned and smiled over my discomfort. I wonder how he’ll enjoy the discomfort she’ll give him on Tuesday. ;)

Pressure builds

She’s been gone since Friday and I’ve been locked since then. I haven’t ejaculated since September 23rd, though I’ve had orgasms since then. But orgasms without ejaculation do nothing to stem the tide of arousal. They’re great, feel wonderful and are oh so amazing, but damn it, I’m still horny after one.

Pressure builds

Pressure builds

And now, at home, alone, no Mistress, no key, already horny. I decide I’ll do more chores. First, outside, I rake the leaves, dressed in only my slave pants and a t-shirt. Then I come inside and clean the tub, naked and plugged. Like I cleaned up the mudroom yesterday, also plugged. And with the roommate gone, I’m wandering around naked doing other chores too. Because, well, I can be naked!

And here I am, having been plugged and horny and wet in the shower. I was shown earlier today a picture of another woman wearing the key to my chastity device around her neck, dangling between her breasts. My Mistress has the other key, in Central America or on some cruise ship miles at sea, I last saw THAT one around HER neck. I’m set to be loaned out for the pleasure and amusement of the other woman Thursday, as she is traveling nearby and we have a relationship of friendship and play. And one of previous service, where I was sold to her for a weekend at the mere price of 30 pieces of silver. My Mistress left one real order for that encounter – don’t let him cum. But other than that, outside our normally negotiated limits, there are none. And I have the strong feeling I’ll be put to service – hard service – teased and then locked right back up and sent back to my Mistress. If I even get unlocked.

It’s all almost exactly what I want in my world of sexual service. And I’m horny beyond all thinking about all of it. I so desperately want out of the cage. I so want to cum. I want to spew. I want cum dripping off the fucking ceiling. I am ready to blow, so completely, so hard, so violently. And. I. Know. I. Can’t! It’s not going to be possible. I am pathetically horny.

But that’s okay, what do I do? I share text messages with another potential partner who wants to play and I talk about plunging my cock into her. Because I’m not horny enough yet. I might just be my own worst enemy. And I might be my worst torturer. Damn it.

Snip snip

Oh, there could be far worse situations than yesterday’s snip snip. After all, I have one scar on my scrotum to prove that point. No, this was the easier snip snip, but was following her orders. I left work early yesterday, as I had a headache that started early. But before I left the office I headed into our lovely and boring restroom, though that restroom has surely seen far too much over the years, just from my own actions, never mind anyone else in the office! It took a couple minute to slide the plug into my bottom, but I did. My face felt flush once I got it in.

Barber pole

Barber pole on a quiet street

I left the office, headed across the bridge to one of my regular haunts for getting a cut and made it with perfect timing, being the only one in the shop while some of the staff were watching some kind of training video. I sat gingerly on the chair and, thankfully, it must have been at the right height for the technician who didn’t have to pump the chair up. Ca-chunk ca-chunk ca-chunk. I imagined the vibrations of the chair through the plug and into my ass. Ca-chunk ca-chunk ca-chunk. The technician was efficient and it was one of the quickest cuts I’d had in a long time. For that, I was thankful. I was a little worried about whether or not the lube had bled through the underwear and pants or not, which would have left embarrassing evidence of my having a plug shoved up my ass.

By the time I left, there was a good line of men waiting to get haircuts, all sitting around and I bet that none were sitting on a plug up their own ass.

The point of wearing the plug, of course, is that I was thinking of my Mistress the whole time, which I was. And thinking of what ideas she might have coming for her boy’s ass. And thinking of what things might be coming in general. Sunday is coming, our first night alone together in the house without roommate, children or friends staying over. I’m a little anxious over what will happen, but looking forward to it nonetheless. I know my mind has painted pictures of what might happen that will never match the reality, because fantasy is always far beyond reality. But some aspects of that change in living will take place, I am sure. And I’m looking forward to that level of service to my Mistress.


Arriving back home, my roommate was there “Oh, you’re home early”

“Yeah, needed a hair cut and had a headache at work, so I gave up for the day.”

She, knowing I had been into the office on both Saturday and Sunday, understood. She offered me ibuprofen, I declined, having taken some. I excused myself to the bathroom where I slipped the plug out of my bottom. Not a bad one this time around, which is nice. And it’s becoming a little easier now to have the plug in and out. And that’s a good thing. It certainly has been a while since I was regularly having anal play and this kind of practice is necessary.

But hey, I have a spiffy new haircut and hopefully a spring in my step on this day and once I get through all the cow-orkers commenting on the hair cut, we’ll be all good! :)

The dirty dog in the basement

As I was assigned by Mistress, I’ve been working on my chores. Last night, I spent about an hour in the basement cleaning it up. It’s true. She had spent some time with my help making our laundry area much neater and useful and someone came in, took out the old boiler (cast iron!) and the old oil tank and left us one heck of a mess. I suppose with “free” you get what you pay for (although, we don’t own this, so we didn’t really have the option to pay). The fortunate part of the event is that our roommate left for the evening with only a vague hope of returning, as she is very good about sober driving. She even borrowed my thermarest and wool blanket in case she needed to crash in her car. So, I had the house to myself.

I descended into the basement, collar on, bandana for a dust mask, wearing flip flops and leaving some clothes on the basement stairs “just in case” somebody showed up. Oh, well, of course, I was wearing my chastity cage too. That’s a natural thing while she is away. And, true to her orders, I was wearing a plug in my bottom. I’m pretty sure it’s an older version of the Tantus Ryder plug, but, since ours is orange and the base is slightly more flared, I’m not 100% sure. It’s a rather comfortable plug to wear, overall.

I worked down there for about an hour, sweeping, moving, sorting, sliding things around and, in general, making the basement which stores things that are not ours, a much more workable and clean space. Lighting has been restored to where it was before the furnace was removed, a bag of trash, dust, ash, soot, etc was moved up to the mudroom for placement in the trashcan out front and the space is much better. And yes, I thought of previous posts as I was squatting on the basement floor to sweep up into the dustpan the trash and dirt.

And then I came upstairs, removing my flip flops on the way. And there was a stripe showing the clean versus the dirty. My hands were filthy. I was, in fact, a mess.

Dirty Hand

Dirty Hand

I left a fan running downstairs to suck out all the dust in the air down there. Fortunately, it’s a little warmer this November than in the past.

I showered, not having to take off all that many clothes. Naked work is such happy work! :) The water in the bottom of the tub was filthy. There was no part of me that was not covered in dirt, dust, filth. I washed thoroughly. The water was so dirty that I held the plug in my ass longer, just so I didn’t end up dropping it in the filthy water at the bottom of the tub! Finally, removing the plug and washing my ass, I got that little tickle in my nose telling me “Oh, yeah, hot steamy shower makes the nose flow… great ” SNORK!!! Dear mother of flying spaghetti monster, but that foul black snot that exited my nose… jeezum! I haven’t had filthy snot like that since I worked Renaissance Fairs! Okay, finally clean and rinsed, I was out of the shower, dried and back into the rest of the house where I now sit nearly naked, save my wrist collar, my chastity device and a pillow supporting this laptop on my lap as I write. It’s a nice little preview of how things will be once the last roommate heads off to the islands.

And I get to mark at least one item off of Mistress’ list!