Just a handful

I very much appreciate that, even in her most fatigued state, Madame always reaches out her hand for me, to feel me in her hand while she sleeps. I am always naked in bed, she usually is. When she lays on her belly or on her left side, her left hand reaches out each time to feel me there. She cups my balls, squeezing sometimes and this is so very often how we call asleep. Sure, we both roll over in bed through the night but when I roll away before she does, I always feel her hand clutching at my balls before I can roll away. Sometimes she clasps and doesn’t let go, sometimes she squeezes deliberately and with great pressure and sometimes it’s just a gentle squeeze, a note of her subconscious self not wanting to let go of her property.

hand on cock and balls

Her hand on his wiggly bits

This morning was one such occasion of the latter. She had come to bed very late. I was up early, as we’re dog sitting and I went to take care of the dog’s morning needs. As I turned to try and get up, she squeezed gently at my balls. I stayed in place for a minute, then more slowly left the bed, her hand letting me free on this second pull. It was such a beautiful thing, her sleepy hand still clutching at my balls, not letting me leave, but she was completely asleep.

It’s very good to feel wanted. Very good indeed.