Not…. quite…

We’ve been entertaining/housing an adult child of Madame’s for somewhere past a month. The recent snowpocalypse that hit the east coast (but not us) delayed her departure until this morning. Finally, all things packed, errands for her to run in town, she departed, hugs and kisses all around and her boyfriend heir apparent, also departed.

Madame and I shared a nice lengthy kiss. Her mostly dressed for work, I still in the bathrobe and making breakfast at the stove.

“We can get back naked time for you… ” she said.

I smiled and laughed and said “Well, let’s just wait until tonight, perhaps.”

As I went back into the kitchen with my empty breakfast plate, who appears? Yep, the previously fled daughter, back for her sunglasses, which she didn’t find. Or perhaps she was back to see just how long it would take her mother and the mother’s boyfriend to get back to doing the nasty on the dining room table with a newly found empty house.

And I was happy that I thought better about throwing off the robe and just cooking naked. This was certainly a big save. Of course, tonight, I know there’s no chance of the daughter returning and Madame can check on the location of her phone to ensure she’s SOMEWHERE that’s not our state. So that will give us some assurance.

Here’s to further naked!