She came back.

I met her at the bus station last night, she made good time after the flight, getting to the bus and getting a good seat.

We headed home, she was presented with fresh flowers from multiple sources and a dining room decorated for her (now past) birthday. I’d have had candles lit but I was the one picking her up, so no burning candles while nobody is home!

We made out multiple times, including outside the bus. In the car. Outside the car. Inside the house. In the kitchen, the dining room, the bedroom. A bit of a bite, as I had made chili that evening (it is, of course, better today) and some light fare. By the time we turned around it was already getting later so we headed into the bedroom for some naked time under the sheets and some episodes of The Americans. But the episodes wouldn’t play, so we tried Netflix. And that wouldn’t play, so I decided it was time to fuck.

And fuck we did. She hardly protested, but she did feign incredulity at my efforts, to which I said, while sliding in and out of her, “You know, it’s far easier to control a dog when you have them on a leash.” She reached over, while I was still fucking her, grabbed the collar and the leash. Then put the collar on. And I fucked her harder. And she smiled. And I fucked her. And she reached the clip up from the leash. And I fucked her harder. And she smiled, and I fucked her and she clipped the leash on. And then, she pulled down on the leash, pulling me down to the bed and I stopped fucking her, my cock now dislodged from her beautiful pussy.

We lay there, smiling at each other, giggling a little at these antics. She pulled my hair. Squeezed a nipple. I winced. I squirmed. We laughed. We smiled. She talked about how she was very horny the other night while away from me. And the night before her trip back. And how she couldn’t really get away with getting away with some discreet diddling as she was sharing space with someone else. I’m not sure why she didn’t take an opportunity while on the beach, but I’m okay with her not doing so, because she came home horny. And that’s good.

And I rubbed her mons, she moaned. She lay back on the bed and pushed my body around, lining me up for our favorite sex position – the one in which I lay perpendicular to her and fuck while she lays back, touches her pussy while I fuck her and she has a big beautiful orgasm.

And that’s just about what happened. I whispered to her about how I missed the opportunity to be her servant at the beach. That in a perfect world I would be naked and next to her on the beach, serving her. About how other women would come up and ask her about me and she’d loan me out to them. And it was very CFNM-ish a story telling. And she quickly came under her own hand, pulling me deep into her as she did. And then she pulled my leash, pulling me up away from that position and to her side, dislodging my cock from her pussy in the process and I smiled as my hard cock pressed against her flesh. And I held her and we fell asleep together.

And so she’s back. And she’s already using me for her pleasure. And I’m very happy she is.

Little touches

This morning I found myself naked and on my hands and knees in the bathroom, gloves on, cleaning the floor and toilet with a bleach solution. Later I would rinse some miscellaneous linens in the shower as well. Madame was also doing some kitchen work, food prep and cleaning, but of course she was clothed while her boy was naked.

After the cleaning, she took me to the bedroom where she showed me the cane she would beat me with. I had done nothing to deserve a caning, other than being her property. I’m okay with that. There are two points in this mornings play that really stood out to me, as if my crawling naked on my hands and knees in the bathroom was not notable enough! First, that she had on her kitchen apron. Standing there with a cane in her hand, waiting for me to walk through the doorway of the bedroom, I naked and smelling slightly of bleach. That apron, so very mundane, so very matter of fact, so “not very dominant”, but she simply taking time to put stripes on her boy.

And she caned me. Nothing too severe, but there were a few places where it really hurt, as is the intended consequence. The second item that really played out strongly to me was when she moved to the other side of my body and took my right foot in her hand, then struck me with the cane. That touch… that lovely exquisite touch of her hand, so tender, but yet so constraining and deliberate. I at once felt owned, protected, disciplined and bound. Bound by her hand, bound to her spirit, as she held my foot and ankle and let the cane whoosh down against my naked flesh.

I am amazed at how such seemingly little things can be so powerful in their ability to touch me.