Chivalry or submission?

Part of my morning rituals getting to work involve me going past a beauty school. Not sure why it’s where it is, but it’s there. And sometimes I happen to be lingering in my car when I’m there (don’t judge me, I just need my caffeine!). Since I caught this again for the second time, I just had to mention a repeated occurrence. A man and woman in their domestic sedan pull up to the front door, her door closest to the beauty school entrance. She gets out, ascends the stairs, coffee in hand, other hand empty, enters the school. He gets out of the drivers side door, goes around to the rear passenger door, fetches her stylist case (large rolling case – like a Pullman suitcase) from the backseat and brings it up the stairs, brings it inside and then returns to the car. He then parks. I don’t linger enough to know how long he stays in the parking area, whether it is all day or not, but he is certainly serving that woman.

I wonder about them. I wonder if their relationship is like mine with Madame. Does he serve her at home and out of the home? Is he a submissive? A slave? Does he kneel in front of her and lick her pussy at her direction? Is he restricted from orgasm? Does he have free reign to her pussy? Is there relationship sexual at all? Or does he just enjoy serving her? Or… and here’s the biggest question – perhaps that’s “just how he is” that he’s always that helpful. Perhaps he is just always a nice guy, always playing that part in all his relationship? Maybe he’s just an Uber driver!

But I can’t help but daydream about this couple. His Mistress isn’t a student, but an instructor at the beauty school and has not just taught her students, but has taught him how to care for ladies. He’s well versed in manicures, pedicures, hair styling or all sorts, waxing and any other personal needs a woman would have. He leaves the parking lot and goes to his massage class, an advanced class, as he’s already been giving her and her friends massages all the time. He returns to bring her a hot lunch each afternoon before he goes back to their home and finishes with household chores. He returns to pick her up and has been wearing a plug up his ass since he started vacuuming the house.

But I don’t actually know. I’ve never seen him leave the parking lot, but I know he does. I’ve never seen him pick her up. Maybe he’s just helping because she’s temporarily injured. Or maybe she’s just a bitch and orders him around without the love of a Mistress and slave, but that of some bitchy hairdresser.

He carries the bags

He can carry the shopping bags

I will often day dream about simple acts of chivalry I see. A man opening a door, or picking up a dropped item for a woman is enough to set my mind to wandering. The grocery store where what seems like an able bodied person* requesting help with the groceries at the car makes me wonder if the requester and subject already have a relationship they can’t let on.

I can wax poetically and write beautifully filthy fantasies about nearly anyone I see engaging in chivalrous acts. But then, I’m a dirty dog, and I know it. And my lovely Mistress likes keeping me as this dirty, horny, hungry dog that I am. She really does like my hunger.

So, apologies to all your dashing gentlemen that are simply being gentlemen, but I’m throwing you under the Mistress’ bus and turning you into a submissive you never knew you were.



*I am aware that handicaps are not always visible and I don’t assume much, but this is more fuel for my fantasy fire than assuming anything else.