Clothed down

It’s been a great week and a half. I come home, I get naked, put on the collar and go about our evening together. And we’ve had few interruptions at home so I’ve not had to throw something on for anybody. At most, last night, we had a guest who was a friend of kink so I wore my apron through dinner – and nothing else!

Listen here, boy!

Just because we’re wearing clothes, doesn’t mean there’s no D/s dynamic!

It’s left me open to Madame’s touches and gaze, which has been lovely. And it means I can’t hide my obvious arousal for her at any time. Arousal which happens often. And while it’s not always PTFD, she doesn’t allow me free reign over my desires for fucking. After all, what kind of Mistress would she be if she allowed that!

But now the holidays are upon us. My lovely children will be back (and I love them and look forward to it!) and we’ll be headed to family gatherings this weekend, like so many others. So, hair will be brushed and primped, clothes will be lint rolled and… worst of all… clothes will be worn! Damn it all.

It’s fun to think about a world where naked isn’t unusual, but we know that it is. After all, the Puritans, who had a good strong measure in creating this holiday of ours (yes, I know…) were, well, Puritans! And being in New England, those Puritan busy body traditions trickle down to present day. We can barely even get a good public dungeon up here!

So, I shall shower and shave and put on nice clothes and be my typical good servant to my Mistress while we attend family gatherings and I will be a good attentive dad to my children and we’ll get through this until Monday. When I can get naked again.

Unsure of the posting schedule, but Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I like punny titles.