New carpet!

Chloe has not quite felt “at home” in our new room (in the same house we were in). So we painted it, she ordered carpet, we had it installed. And now, Chloe is far happier. Our first night there, I having left work early and moved back IN all the things we had moved OUT the previous night, I knelt naked before her. I kissed her ass cheeks, then her feet. She straddled my body and spanked my ass a few times with her hands. She sat on my back with her bare ass and pussy. On my hands and knees, I adjusted my elbows so support us. She pulled at my balls, prodded at my ass, stroked my cock. I whimpered, I moaned, I winced.

She stood up a bit now, I could feel her legs against my side. She reached behind her, her hand pressed my head and I heard her say “Down”. I kept my head bowed down toward the ground. Her legs still resting against my, I felt the first trickle, it dripped down my back toward my shoulders, down to my arms and dripped there. “Clean it, nothing on my carpet” I lapped at my hands and arms where the drips were landing. She was doing this slowly, certainly not a full on stream. I lapped at my hands and arms as she let more go each time I seemed to be done cleaning the previous release. “I love hearing your tongue. Lap it up, pup!” She let another stream loose. “Keep going, boy!”

I did a good job of keeping up, she was cautious with how much she let flow. Very little ended up on the carpet. She stood completely, walked away from me and soon was toweling me off. “You’ll use that towel tomorrow after your shower, dirty boy”.

“Yes, Ma’am” I replied.

“Now let’s go to bed and you can give me a good fucking.”

And that’s exactly what we did.

Looking forward to more adventures on the new carpet.