I try to not get hung up on the “numbers” relating to our BDSM world. Days in chastity, days since orgasm, number of orgasms, ratio of Her orgasms to mine… those kind of things. But I’m inherently scientific and technical, so numbers are a thing for me. Hey, you know, an MRTG graph page showing stats over an entire year is damn sexy, in my book.

So last night, having come off a little bit of a dominant streak in our world, having given us both food for thought, some good conversation and growth among us both, we looked forward to a weekend together without kids or big social plans and she was tired. I told her “I”m going to fuck you to sleep.”

His and hers loving each other

His and hers loving each other

I told her how I was going to fuck her, slowly, calmly, consistently and let her fall asleep while I did so. Well, our earlier conversations led to her arousal being deeper than her fatigue, so she ended up bringing herself off to one of those slow boil orgasms, grabbing and pulling and squeezing at my cock. Earlier in our coupling I had reached a very happy place where I could fuck her until I didn’t want to without risk of orgasm. And I was doing just that. But then, as her own orgasm started ebbing, she tipped her hips in this weird way, stroking the head of my cock in “just that perfect way” and my earlier wall of “fucking without worry” fell over. Just that one tip of her hips and the different stimulation was enough to push me right over the edge. I grabbed her breast with my right hand and I fucked. I fucked her hard, I grunted and groaned and shouted out in my orgasm. And I unloaded 58 days worth of not having done so was finally released, right on top of her own orgasm. And I didn’t care. And I didn’t regret. And she didn’t care. And she doesn’t regret.

She worries that after I cum that my attention to her will slack. That I won’t be hot for her, I won’t be so easily aroused. And today has proved that to be completely wrong. I normally don’t go into such detail, but I feel it’s necessary for this. We’ve fucked at least twice, if not three times, this morning. And I don’t know if she’s going to be able to survive the next few hours before we get dressed for dinner with Candidate 1. I’ve a good feeling that she’ll be feeling me shoving into her and making her speechless again before we leave for that dinner. And I think we’re both very okay with that. Just because I came Ma’am doesn’t mean I don’t want you – deeply and very intensely. And I’ll continue to try and take it when I can. I’m having a feeling that you won’t have much problem with that.