It’s the first day of the year. She went out last night and partied hard while I stayed out on the roads and tried to help people get from point A to point B while taking a little of their money in the process (uber). In the midst of one of the busier times of the night, she pinged me, I signed off, drove her home, then returned to the task at hand. I ended up being able to put her to bed and then joined her later. I woke before her, pet her, consoled her, fed her, put her back to bed, woke her again, helped her get herself into the shower and then, while working on our mudroom space (which needs to find room for a motorcycle to store over winter!?) I received a text from her.


I went to the bedroom to find her, freshly showered, in her new fluffy terrycloth robe, where I climbed up on the bed and provided a cock for her mouth. She worked on that until it became too much for her mouth to handle (it’s a hard thing to gag a hungover woman with your cock – okay sadist types, I hear you!) and then moved off the bed, at the foot of it, where I raised her robe, made us both wet and, in the word of a lovely friend of mine, “plunged” right into her as she continued to lay on her side.

I fucked her hard, pounding her well. She was dry from the hangover, I spit onto my cock and plunged deep again. She moaned loudly. She tried to reach out and touch my chest, I told her to touch herself.

“I want to watch you cum.” I pulled her leg up to open her up. She rolled over onto her back, I held her legs up and pounded her hard while her hand wrestled with her clit.

“Look at your swollen pussy, swallowing that cock. Beautiful pussy… ” she rubbed herself faster.

“gonnacumsoon” she gasped in one quick exhale.

I raised her legs higher, pounded her harder and told her to cum.

“Make that pussy squeeze me… look how beautifully swollen you are…. swallow that cock… ”

That was it. That was all she needed. Pushed to the edge, she started her tumble down. A few bounces on the way down the hill and then she soared over the edge of the cliff, flying, soaring, a big beautiful cum and sliding deep into the abyss of orgasm.

“dontstop” she gasped. I pounded.

It was beautiful, lovely, hot, she gushed. I told her “I think you squirted, it’s so wet!” I knew it wasn’t me. And yet, I knew she didn’t squirt either, because it was inside. She simply gushed inside.

“You’re so wet!”

“I am…. ” she breathed.

I pumped slowly. She was so very wet and it was so beautifully slick. Her pussy grabbed at the head of my cock just slightly differently and I was aroused in a different way. I pumped slowly.

“May I?” I looked at her, my head shaking side to side so very slightly.

She looked back. “Please??? ” I implored.

She smiled. “Please, Ma’am?” I begged.

“No.” she replied. “No.”

“Oh, please Mistress, please!”


I continued to pump slowly. She allowed my movement. I wrestled with the possibility of making my way into an orgasm (without ejaculating) but I knew I couldn’t get there.

I whimpered a last plaintive “please”.


Clean me.”

I pumped.

“Clean. Me.”



I withdrew. I knelt. I licked. I sucked. I cleaned her. It was all her and I knew from the taste that I was not me. The wetness was all hers.


I stopped. She pulled her legs back onto the bed, then sat on the edge of bed and I helped her up.

“That was a good one.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed Ma’am.”

“I certainly did. Good boy.”

And now my very hungover and beautiful Mistress found her footing, made her way onto the next part of her day and left me denied. And as I’ve written before, her denial of me is often my reward. I am thrilled with her one word. Happy New Year.

In a FLR…

In a Female Led Relationship like ours, she lays back on the bed while they watch football. She directs him to “make it hard and wet” and then he slips into her. She watches the game while he is facing away from the TV. She directs him, coaxes him, demands his service, denies his orgasm, then she rolls over and orders him to rub her back and give her play by play while she falls asleep.

This week, our football team lost, but the team in the bed won. Their FLR is working for them. He is denied, she is pleasantly rubbed and massaged and falls asleep happy.

He gets up to write a blog post, denied, frustrated, his cock throbbing and dripping, but still denied. His mouth tastes like her pussy and ass and he is very happy being reminded of her this way.

This is one of the ways in which they practice their FLR.


She nearly always gets up first in the morning. It’s due to work schedules, mostly, but she is a morning person as well, where I am not. But then, she’s not going to be staying up to midnight or 1 am hacking on a server, so we have each our strengths.

This morning I was awakened with her hand in my hair, pulling it, pulling me. The edge of the bed is where I ended up, my head hanging over it and before I could even start my eyes focusing they were covered with pussy.

My tongue stuck out dutifully, she used my mouth to wipe off her pussy. I’m guessing she came to me directly from the bathroom. Soon I was tapping her thighs to let her know I needed air. She ignored me. I tapped again, she pulled harder, closing off my breathing. I tried to get in just one gasp, but she had too tight a hold, her thighs pressed around my head so I couldn’t turn and could go up any further, so I suffered without air. She allowed me a quick gasp, so I did, but then she pulled my face back into her. I tapped her thigh again, with great urgency. TAP TAP TAP! She held me tight to her pussy. I struggled then, resigned, I loosened and prepared myself to pass out. She let go. I breathed deeply.

After I caught my breath, she presented her ass to me (meaning, she sat down on my tongue), which I dutifully cleaned. My cock thickened as I did so, exactly what she wanted.

She climbed up on the bed and quickly sank down on my cock. She moaned and groaned triumphantly, claiming her toy for her own. “Good boy… good fucktoy” she whispered in that voice of hers. “What a responsive fucktoy this morning… good boy” Soon I was at the edge and telling her I was close, but she didn’t care, she continued to ride until I blurted out “STOP!” and she did. She played this way for some time, riding, stopping, listening to me whimper. She told me how much she enjoyed hearing my suffering. “Suffer for me, pup. Suffer. I love those whimpers… ” and suffer I did, if you can call experiencing such great pleasure suffering, but while being kept on the edge of orgasm for half a year, it does become suffering.

Eventually she took me to the edge just the right amount and the bucket (remember the bucket analogy?) started to spill. She slipped off of me and my cock just as she felt my cock pulse. It will do that, it turns a little pre-cum into a little more than pre-cum, wherein the cock will leak actual cum. She had enough time to dismount and turn before she saw the cum drip right out of her cock and onto my belly.

Scooping it up, she also milked my cock with her fist, gathered up that cum and planted it directly on my lips, then some on my tongue, then smeared the rest on my face.

“It’s quarter to eight, you need to get up now.”

I lay on the bed for a minute or so before I got up and started making the bed.

Damn it this woman is hot. And cruel. And beautiful. And sexy. And I love all of her torture. Day 183 is Tuesday. I’m wondering if there will be fireworks or not.

I know it’s fantasy…

I know that the “never cumming again” thing is fantasy, but I’m okay sharing that fantasy with Madame. This morning I mentioned that I was going to lock up while she’s away for a couple days because I’m not entirely sure I can trust myself to be in bed alone without her there. I told her I was too horny to trust myself. I also told her I missed cumming. She admitted that she also missed my cumming.

He's teased

He’s teased

So, sometime in the future, I’ll be cumming, but for now, I’m okay with playing the fantasy of “never again”. It’s still a fun story to tell and it gets me so highly aroused. Like this morning. When she teased my cock again. And again. And made me drip with my arousal.

And that’s more than okay. So, I’ll be locked until at least Saturday while she is away. Then on Saturday, I may unlock, as I have a two week time period where I will be in various living conditions and awkwardness may ensue. ;)


Last night, we made time to play together in bed. We had been out and about doing our own thing yesterday, came together in the middle of the day and then made our own little pub crawl, visiting three breweries/restaurants yesterday afternoon and evening. Settling into our nest of a bedroom, we watched a little TV and then started playing. It was one of those nights where we struggled for control. She incited me and I pinned her arms. I fucked her while I did this. She has trouble talking when I do it, which is more than half the fun. Soon she wrested control back and she was using me. My cock was too ready to explode, so I finished her with one of our most favorite dildos, fucking her very hard with it until she came.

You know when you have a bucket that is just full to the top? And you try and move that bucket? It’s going to spill, you’re aware of it, you know it, but just because it’s a bucket, it’s going to spill. The cock spilled too, as the balls are so very full, overfull. It was a beautiful lubricant for me to finish her with the dildo, but she insisted that she be cleaned up again after. She stroked me while I did so. Three more times I needed her to stop while she did so to prevent the bucket from being knocked clean over.

Then while lying beside her, she held tightly to my cock and balls while she talked to me. “That was nice, but what am I going to do with that cock of mine? It can’t fuck me the way I want.” She stroked her cock slowly. “It just seems you can’t useĀ  your cock on me the way I need it.” She squeezed my balls. “I like your begging. I really do. I love watching your face as you struggle.” She stroked my cock again.

“But struggle all you want. And beg all you want. You’re not going to cum.” She released my cock and rolled over on her side, her back toward me. “Pet me to sleep, slave.”

“Yes, Ma’am” I whimpered.

She continued talking. “I really do love using you, it’s fun. But I can get myself off without you. And you’ve already showed that your cock isn’t useful enough to me. But you never would have handled my pussy squeezing that cock. You would have spilled.” I pet her back and shoulders. “But you don’t have to worry about spilling that cum, love. I’m just not going to let you. There’s just no reason for you to cum, ever again.”

I don't do caption photos, but this one seems to accurate. I just have to.

I don’t do caption photos, but this one seems to accurate. I just have to.

Ever again. EVER. AGAIN. It echoed in my head, my eyes welled up. I stroked her lower back and butt. I sobbed into the pillow. She spoke slowly and quietly. Each sentence with a pause at the end of it. A pause so that I could hear the echo of the hammer that just pounded that nail.

“No pup, there’s just no reason for it.

I don’t need it,

so it won’t be happening again.”

I sobbed into my pillow again.

“You know pup, it seems a shame that we never officially said good bye to your cumming.

We should have a ceremony, where we say good bye to your cumming forever.

We’ll have lots of friends and we’ll have a ceremony so all these friends of ours can say good bye to your cumming too.

That might be helpful to you, a ceremony to say good bye.”

She never indicated that I’d have a last cum during that ceremony, but I implied it, perhaps inaccurately. I humped my body against hers. She continued her slow methodical phrase by phrase talking.

“Go ahead, hump into me if you want,

push that hard cock into me,

but it’s not going to cum.

It doesn’t ever need to cum again.

Don’t worry, there will be cum for you.

It just won’t be yours.

It’ll be on your face,

you can lap it up off my tits,

and maybe if you’re very good,

out of my pussy.”

I rubbed her back and she fell asleep. I stopped humping against her and sobbed into my pillow, then fell asleep shortly after her.

She teased me again around 2:30 in the morning, using me for a little while, but then her talk of “ever again” came up, and I almost came, and she was done with me and put me back to bed.

This morning she told me “Last night was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it.” I smiled. She saw my cock rise under the sheets. “You had fun too…” she looked down at me. I nodded at her. “I know, pup.” She grabbed my cock through the sheets. “I know.”

“I don’t last long when you talk about that, you know.”

She smiled. “I was only speaking the truth last night. Nothing but the truth.” She pumped my cock one or two times and stood up again from the bed. “Get up now and write about it, pup.”

And so I’ve written about it. And I’ve set this post to show up in a little while, after I’m at work and have stopped thinking about those words “ever again”. I’m still not sure whether it’s real or not. And I think that’s exactly what she expects.

Tales from camp: Dude in distress II

I won’t retell all the detail from us getting to the Dudes in Distress orgy, but this was the third scene that happened in that lovely evening. In the second scene, I had just been an extra hand, helping jerk someone else off all while getting my cock sucked by someone else. As I was lying there on the gym mats, Madame came up to me and whispered “You’re going to get fucked tonight. And I’m going to watch you get fucked tonight.” Naturally, this roused my prurient interest and my cock swelled. We finished the scene that was going on and while it wrapped up Madame gave me instructions on where I should be and how I should position myself.

I was peeled off of the previous pile of bodies to a position more on my own and Madame, while waiting for her accomplice, started fingering my ass and whispering in my ear “She’s got a very big cock on her and she’s coming here to fuck you, just so we can see you get fucked. All the women in here will be smiling while they watch you take that big cock. And the men will be jealous of you getting fucked like that too.” My cock leaked. Her fingers probed, more lube was applied, my ass opened. Madame took a break from opening me and I lay on the mat by myself. It was a warm enough evening, I was still dressed in the chaps and the bow tie, but I’m not sure if the vest was still on me at this point. The chaps, I was told, had made my ass a beautiful target not just of paddles and hands, but strap-on cocks and real cocks from around the tent.

Pinned down like this, but different. No comfy mattress, just a wrestling mat.

Pinned down like this, but different. No comfy mattress, just a wrestling mat.

Soon I heard a new voice and felt another set of hands on me. A woman was positioning me, and then gloved fingers massaged my ass. First one finger, then two, then a declaration of “I think he’s ready.” I could touch my Mistress’ leg while this other woman got behind me and lubed her cock, then started pressing it into me. I will admit there was some measure of mismatch… some confusion… some “not fucking” wherein I started to feel a little frustrated, but my partner in this story of sodom was imminently patient and after several adjustments, her cock slipped into me and she started fucking. Her patience was appreciated and her cock was now being appreciated as well. Lying down on my belly, I could not see her, but I could feel her, grabbing at the leather on my hips, pulling me into her and pressing my body against the mat. There was nowhere for me to go. It was difficult to get away from the fucking, if that’s what I thought I wanted to do. When you’re pinned down between a lovely woman, her cock and the mat, there’s really no place to go.

She fucked and I moved against her, turning it into a “we fucked” moment. It felt good, which is something that hasn’t happened a lot in the few strap-on fucking moments I’ve had. They’re usually more awkward and often more frustrating, but this… oh this… Soon I was lying there, my left hand wrapped around my Mistress’ foot and was having a nice wonderful orgasm, my arching back and my arms pressing compelling me to rise from the mat, all while she was still fucking me. And then I collapsed to the mat again. My Mistress leg moved away from me. And yet LJ’s leg was near to my right arm, so I clutched that. And I held her foot through the next orgasm, again arching, pressing, stretching myself all while my strap-on cock equipped partner fucked me constantly.

Soon enough the second leg disappeared from my realm. The tent, although it was lit beautifully, disappeared for me. I don’t remember closing my eyes, but I knew that I saw nothing. I now felt the ground for something to hold, to keep me grounded. The cock slid out, she re-positioned and put it back in and fucked me again. It felt to me like she was getting into it, but I don’t know if she was getting off on it, still she fucked. My hands still searched for something to grab. No tent poles. No furniture. No people. Nothing, but… finally, the edge of the mat. I found it. It was a hard edge and I could pull it up just enough to grab, so I did. I melted into that mat, became a part of it and I felt almost as inanimate an object as the mat. There was a beautifully animate person driving a lovely thick inanimate cock into this person who had become a part of the mat. Alone on the mat, I had become the mat and I relished her pounding of my ass. I had two more orgasms while she fucked me, then I had to stop. Through the entire night, I think I had seven orgasms and my body was tired. And this fucking had been beautiful and lovely. I lay on the mat, wasted and tired and, oddly enough without achieving ejaculation, sated. Yes, I was satisfied with all of it. I had plenty of pleasure and just needed a few moments to lie there and relax. And so I did.

A few minutes later, as I consciously willed myself into getting up, because I don’t want to just lay there all night in afterglow, we peeled off the random pieces of “chuck” from my sweaty skin, I greeted my new found friend, learned her name, failed to ask her if I could use her name in this blog entry, sipped water, laughed, thanked her for her patience and, in general, had a very lovely time.

Thus far, this has been the most satisfying strap-on fucking I’ve ever had. It certainly was a lovely time and the presentation of it was also so lovely, wherein I didn’t see the strap-on wielding partner until after, I was successfully penetrated from behind and I had four frikkin orgasms! How cool is that?

I do have to say that I am very happy for this session to have happened and thankful to my lovely Chloe for making it happen. I do love how she gets things worked out for me and has made many a think work out for me in the past. Thanks, Ma’am. You’re so lovely for finding beautiful people to fuck me. ;)

Since then, I’ve spoken with Chloe about more strap-on play. How I know that it’s often presented in very D/s ways, but I also want us to be able to have a strap-on session wherein it’s loving and beautiful and, much like some of the time when I’m having sex with her, just us fucking. I’d love for her to be experienced enough with my ass to be able to just say “I’m fucking you tonight… ” and not have it be a big deal and not that it has to be something that’s necessarily D/s, but just another way to make love together. If we could find a way for her to be able to have an orgasm from fucking my ass while still denying my pleasure, that would be beautiful. I look forward to that day happening sometime soon. In the meantime, I’ll look back at this camp and this lovely Dudes In Distress orgy with great fondness. I really do love camp.

Restful sleep? Well, different

It’s been a few times we have fallen asleep this way, but I do it because it leaves me in a comfortable and very servicing position. Here’s how it works. She’s lying on her left side and her right knee is bent, pulling her right leg up a little and exposing her inner left thigh. It is there, her inner left thigh, where my head rests. My feet are up by her head and her hand can reach my cock and balls, all locked up in the Steelheart chastity device. It is from this position that I can rub her back gently, petting her to sleep, all while my mouth can still place more gentle kisses on her ass.

Last night, she also directed me to kiss her toes. This brought me down lower and now my crotch was more open to her hands and she used that opportunity to penetrate my ass while I licked and kissed her toes. She did turn more onto her back while we were doing this so she could access me without awkwardly twisting her arm.

She would roughly finger fuck my ass, demanding I apply more of my spit to her fingers while she did so and I would kiss her feet. This is a new position to allow such attentions, so it was incredibly highly charged with my submission and her dominance. Often times she would be fucking me so hard I had to cry out into her feet and gag myself with her toes. “Cry for me” she would say.

After some time and several instances of my crying out into her feet, she called me back up to pet her, she was ready for bed. I cleaned her fingers with my mouth, kissed her ass again and settled my head back onto her inner thigh. We fell asleep like that, my face just an inch from her bottom and my head resting comfortably on her thigh. We slept for hours and only on her first wakeup, the first light of day starting to fill the room, did she rouse me and direct me to spoon her again, which I did. We slept as spoons for a while.

Having the warmth of summer certainly does lend itself to lying across the bed without worry of sheets and blankets. And lends to my not feeling smothered under those covers.

It’s not an entirely new position but it was certainly more involved. She also enjoyed my kissing and licking her toes. Neither of us are big foot fetishists, but we are both gaining an appreciation for the task and duty of kissing her feet and I think she’s enjoying the perceived humiliation of my cleaning her toes with my mouth. She also very much enjoyed my suffering at her fingers fucking my ass. I haven’t asked her, but I would bet that her hearing my moans, groans and crying out would have been her most favorite part of the evening. It seems like a case of “be careful what you wish for” when you ask for your Mistress to be a little more cruel to you. Now that she’s enjoying hearing my misery, she finds more ways to torture me.

Tales from camp: Dude in Distress

Madame insisted we attend the “Dudes in Distress Orgy” which was hosted up in the Sex-o-rama (SOR). Since this is one of the areas we set up for camp, we like SOR – a lot. It’s special for us. Madame, myself and our toy-troy went up, Madame looking quite elegant and was towing her two boys on their leashes. Introductions were made by the hostesses of the event and we went around the room/tent introducing ourselves and what we might be interested in doing that night. I offered some suggestions of bondage and teasing. Happily and quite expectedly there were people there interested in doing some bondage and teasing. After introductions and ground rules were complete, we all kind of went off to try and connect with others. I had spied a long time friend of ours at the orgy, Tiny Terror (TT), and while we have spent many an hour around the circle of chairs by our cabin together, we’ve never really played together.

TT was looking beautiful, I’ve always found her attractive, but I think, perhaps, the age difference has prevented me from asking her to play prior to this. But there she was, smiling and attractive and there I was, dressed in naught but some leather chaps and a bow-tie, if I recall correctly. We did some quick negotiation and found ourselves a place to be. Without the toy bag, all I had to be tied up with was the leash, so she tied my arms behind me. I lay down on the liberator shape (big foam rectangle thing) with my legs over the edge and she proceeded to glove up and apply some lube, then tease the hell out of my cock for a while.

Naturally, being a teasing session, I wasn’t allowed to cum, but I would be able to have an orgasm, if I could make it happen. She had the traditional instructions for teasing me – if I say STOP, she has to stop and stop right then. I do let it get to the very edge and it can be dangerous to continue even one more stroke. Or whisper. Or tickle. Or whatever. Stop is stop. She liked this and she teased my cock deliciously. She also abused me, punching, slapping and hitting my cock and balls. Apparently I can take a decent amount of abuse to my balls, as she has lots of experience and was very pleased with the level of abuse she was able to dish out. And that fact made her smile. And that smile..

Well, let me give a little more information here. I prefer to have my glasses off when sexy times occur. I just don’t like them falling off my face and sliding around. So that often leaves me with impaired vision. This can be a nuisance at times, but in this case… I was on my back, resting on my tied up hands. She was at the other end of my body, down low, teasing and torturing. My focus was poor, but I could see those crimson lips as a beautiful flash of red. Her mouth drew me into her as she teased. I couldn’t help but stare at those beautiful lips, which, when she smiled were so entirely lovely. Her lips parted showing her teeth, surrounded by bright red smiling lips. Oh, what a joy. And she would get me very worked up and enjoy my struggling and she would smile and I would smile back at her. I know the most physical thing she was doing to me was with her hands, but the biggest mental game was that smile of hers.

A little lipstick can really make a mouth shine

A little lipstick can really make a mouth shine

I did end up finding an orgasm among all the teasing and torture she was doing. I am pretty sure I startled her with it as one doesn’t normally see men having orgasms without making a big mess, but indeed, it was a great orgasm and she was very happy to have teased me. I shared with her my perspective of the blurred image of her lips and her smile and she very much appreciated my telling her. She said she doesn’t often wear lipstick, so this was something she had done differently. And I think she just might do it more as a result.

It does go to show that often it can be the littlest of things that can turn a good scene into a great one. And in the case of this Tiny Terror, it was a little thing that made this Tiny thing even more terrorizing.

Thanks so much for the play Tiny Terror, it was a wonderful time.

What about that?

“So, what are your feeling on that? Do you want to? What about that?”

That’s what she asked this week while we were packing for camp. Our foray into the shared lives of 1000 kinky people and I haven’t come for over 100 days and this is what she asks me.

And I am not entirely sure I can do justice to my reply. It was a weak reply, I think, because I haven’t really have so much I could say, but time wasn’t on our side when she asked. And so, I decided I’d write about it. What is it? This question:

“Do you want to cum?”

Yes, Ma’am, I do. I don’t want to be in that fantasy world of “You’ll never come again! Mwahahahahahaahaha!” fantasy femdom. Nope. No thanks.

“Do you want to cum at camp?”

Well, okay, that’s different. Want? Erm, maybe.


So, here’s the thing. You’ve kept me from cumming for over three months. We’re certainly beyond casual denial. And here’s the biggest thing about that. I really do think that you really do enjoy denying me. When I practically shout out “STOP!” as you’re teasing me, you smile. You smirk. And then 20 seconds later you’re stroking your cock again and making me scream “STOP!” again. And you know that I don’t fake it. When I scream stop I mean it and you do. And that’s fortunate. Because…

I am perfectly fine with you owning my cumming. I leak, because, well, biology and we’re not going to stop having sex altogether. That’s not going to happen. And yet, you like teasing and tormenting me and I’m happy you like that. It fits us both well. I like the occasional tantric style orgasms I get. Thanks for those. They’re really amazing. Thanks for letting me. I don’t think you want to deny me pleasure – you just want to take away this whole “cumming” part of it.

I’m at the point in my mind where I can say “three months? Okay, well, you own it, it’s yours…” and really, it is. I’ve accepted that it’s yours and I want it to be yours. Please keep hold of it. Use it when you want to. Or don’t. It’s yours. But I just can’t be ignored – so there’s THAT on you. Denial by ignoring me won’t fly.

And then, also, there’s the idea of my weighing less than 200# by camp. I called it “starts with 1” and it was a goal, but I can’t imagine I’ll get there. After all, we leave Saturday and the Wednesday weigh in was still a few pounds shy of the goal. I ‘m not sure that I can make another 3.5 pounds before camp starts. Anyone that reads this might even suggest that were I to make that, it would be an unhealthy weight loss. I’d agree there’s a hazard there.

If we played the weight goal story line, you’d have a great reason to deny me at camp. “Oh, he’s a good boy, but he failed his goal, so we’re just going to tease him all week. He’ll go home with a tan, a locked cock and still his balls full of cum… but he missed the goal… ” I can play that one.

And then there’s the idea of the “Well, almost…” and I’m not sure Chloe knows of this part of chastity and denial fantasy land of mine. But the idea of a ruined orgasm isn’t something I’m sure she’s aware of. And I could easily see her finding out in detail, talking to people at camp and getting me well worked up and giving me an epic ruined orgasm. “Well, I hear that’s a ruined orgasm, did I do it right? ” she might smile. And I know she would. And I’d still be frustrated as all hell.

And then there’s the idea of actually joining with her, perhaps with the toy in our family doing something with us. But I’d be in her, we’d be fucking, and she’d let me cum. Finally, after over 100 days, she would finally say “yes” and I’d cum. And it’d be a long loud cum with lots of mess. And she’d make me (or me and her toy?) clean up after myself. But I want myself to spill without having to clean it up after – in whatever way she might make it happen.


The bottom line on all of this is that yes, she owns my orgasms and ejaculations and I’m 100% okay with how she wants them to work out. And I would not think I would have a bad camp if I didn’t cum. Cumming is so very beyond where I’ve gone and where I am. It’s a beautiful and very fun part of our sex life, but it’s certainly not the end all be all of male sexuality. No, I’m very far past that belief by now.

I see both Chloe and I growing in our roles in this lifestyle. She coming more comfortable with her dominant self and I in my submissive self. And we’ve worked out good roles between us. And it seems to be working. I know that being the dominant in a relationship is not without it’s efforts. I don’t like to pressure her for certain things. And I know she respects my opinion, but I think we’ve both gotten into a level of our FLR that my opinion on ejaculating no longer matters. If I’m to be owned, this is one part of my life, like so many, where she should feel free to own it, dictate it, and decide whether it happens or not.

Madame, I thank you for asking me what I think about this. But you’ve kept me denied for this long and it is absolutely your call on whether or not I ejaculate. What I want out of our camp experience is fun and joy and beautiful naked time and fucking. And some play with our toybags too. But I want pleasure for all of us involved. And however you take that pleasure, well, I’ll be there to help in any way I can.

Not always behaved

This morning she posted and showered. I woke up and caffeinated. She sat there on the bed staring at the clothes, wearing a sweatshirt and panties.

I came into the bedroom and smirked at her, pushed her back on the bed, climbed up, kissed her deeply and slid down her body. And then – I misbehaved.

I pushed her legs back and rolled up her panties, exposing her beautiful pussy. The ring on her clitoral hood peeked out from between her labia. She smiled, I could hear her smile. I kept my hands on the backs of her thighs while I squatted in front of her. My tongue delved into her pussy to taste her and make her wet. I now stood in front of her, her legs in the crooks of my arms, I wet the head of my cock and slid deeply into her. She started talking “You’re not going to be able to last, are you?” I put a pillow on her face. She could hear my smile.

I fucked her. Hard. Deep. She pulled the pillow off her face and spoke again. “You couldn’t do this last night. You were so on the edge. Today you’re able to” her voice sang to me, pushing me higher. I put the pillow back on her face and fucked her hard and deep. I pulled her hands and pulled her body against mine as I turned from a good boy to a naughty boy. Soon I was at the edge and she started grinding against me, providing a delicious friction to my cock head and pushing me to the edge. I uttered “STOP!” quickly and she stopped, smiled and pulled the pillow off her face. Soon she did it again. Again and again we did this, until she had me pushed far too close to the edge. I smiled at her. I pulled out, squatted in front of her again, cleaned her pussy of her own lubrication and licked her as dry as I could, and briefly licked her ass when I was done. I then started to roll her panties back up her and she let her legs slide off the bed as I moved back, helping her dress. We kissed, deeply. “You’re a naughty dog… ”

“Yes, I am.” I smiled.

I showered and within 10 minutes of all this behavior, I am locked securely and her key dangles between her breasts.

Happily locked, looking forward to camp, thrilled to be her plaything. Life may be busy and stressful, but life is good. Very good.