So, I imagine that many of our readers are wondering “Just what kind of punishment was meted out by the lovely Chloe to the inattentive slave last night? He had it coming! It must have been severe!”

You’d think that, and you’d be sort of right. Last night was a little bit of recovery for me from a rough day and some other items that were pressing upon me from work to family to personal. See my post last night for a little touch more info.

Last night there was writing and phone calls around the country and emails to back up the phone calls and a bit of a sigh of relief from me as I think, as long as we get through to next weekend as is, we’ll be good. Sorry, a little bit of vagueness, but I don’t need to air all the dirty laundry here (just the soiled panties).

She loves caning him

This lovely woman has more than a Mona Lisa smile on her face as she poses beside her work – having just laid down beautiful lines of cane upon her victim’s bottom. This picture has always spoken to me. She’s just so beautiful, smiling the way she is after inflicting such perfect lines.

In the end, we looked up at the clock and it was late and Mistress and I lay in bed and talked. Then she took me into her and I fucked her well and she had a nice big beautiful cum while not even allowing me to beg to cum. I did manage to sneak in more than one request to be allowed to beg, which she didn’t seem to be too upset with – perhaps she was more focused on the orgasm she was giving herself. When done, she rolled over, had me perform some cleanup duties and then squeezed her cock and balls possessively. Some additional words were said… very delicious words… and combined with the squeezing of her full balls so near and dear to this very turgid cock, elicited a small orgasm from her boy, yet he still didn’t spill. This ended up being more frustrating than not, however, which I’m sure makes the lovely Mistress smile. Still, it was good to feel some kind of pleasure. I calmed a bit, pet her back, shoulders and ass until she fell asleep and then drifted off after her.

This morning, however, she did not let a sleeping dog lie and I was awakened by the feel of her hand on my bottom. She started gently, moved gradually harder, invoked the cane AND the hair brush and I found myself in a beautiful little commuter flight length sub space journey, through which she caned me rather hard and consistently. I landed from that sub space flight through her thorough rapid caning of my ass, which she later told me induced a very hard cock, although I was very oblivious to that fact at the time.

Sadly, my ass has been well tanned on many an occasion before and the marks don’t keep as long as she might like them to, so the pictures we took would not do it justice. Instead I offer another person’s misfortune as visual stimulation.

So, I was well chastised for my disobedience yesterday morning and have brought my attention to caring for Mistress and her clothing back into keener focus, even if I am distracted by other issues. That’s about as salacious as this report is going to get, but I hope that the readers enjoyed hearing that I am not Mr perfect slave or anything like that, but indeed, am as fallible as the next.