Off to the show

“The show” can be any number of things. For a baseball player, it’s the culmination of years of practice and focus and finally getting up to the bigs. For actors, it’s to the top of their craft, prime time TV, Broadway, a blockbuster hit, the leading man or leading lady. The Met, Carnegie, Banaroo? Well.. But you get the idea. In this case, we’re talking about showing off one’s property (cause we’re kinky like that).

waxed man

A waxed man


Madame took me to the groomers last weekend for a hair and beard trim and then more recently to another groomer where I was waxed. We’ve been to this groomer before and she’s already familiar with waxing my junk and Madame is there to help, grasping and stretching skin, though Laurie (salon person, names changed… ) has still handled my parts enough. Laurie isn’t kinky, as far as we know, but she doesn’t mind us coming in and Madame giving herĀ a hand with ripping the hair out of my body. We laugh a lot. Continue reading