Tales from camp: Dude in distress II

I won’t retell all the detail from us getting to the Dudes in Distress orgy, but this was the third scene that happened in that lovely evening. In the second scene, I had just been an extra hand, helping jerk someone else off all while getting my cock sucked by someone else. As I was lying there on the gym mats, Madame came up to me and whispered “You’re going to get fucked tonight. And I’m going to watch you get fucked tonight.” Naturally, this roused my prurient interest and my cock swelled. We finished the scene that was going on and while it wrapped up Madame gave me instructions on where I should be and how I should position myself.

I was peeled off of the previous pile of bodies to a position more on my own and Madame, while waiting for her accomplice, started fingering my ass and whispering in my ear “She’s got a very big cock on her and she’s coming here to fuck you, just so we can see you get fucked. All the women in here will be smiling while they watch you take that big cock. And the men will be jealous of you getting fucked like that too.” My cock leaked. Her fingers probed, more lube was applied, my ass opened. Madame took a break from opening me and I lay on the mat by myself. It was a warm enough evening, I was still dressed in the chaps and the bow tie, but I’m not sure if the vest was still on me at this point. The chaps, I was told, had made my ass a beautiful target not just of paddles and hands, but strap-on cocks and real cocks from around the tent.

Pinned down like this, but different. No comfy mattress, just a wrestling mat.

Pinned down like this, but different. No comfy mattress, just a wrestling mat.

Soon I heard a new voice and felt another set of hands on me. A woman was positioning me, and then gloved fingers massaged my ass. First one finger, then two, then a declaration of “I think he’s ready.” I could touch my Mistress’ leg while this other woman got behind me and lubed her cock, then started pressing it into me. I will admit there was some measure of mismatch… some confusion… some “not fucking” wherein I started to feel a little frustrated, but my partner in this story of sodom was imminently patient and after several adjustments, her cock slipped into me and she started fucking. Her patience was appreciated and her cock was now being appreciated as well. Lying down on my belly, I could not see her, but I could feel her, grabbing at the leather on my hips, pulling me into her and pressing my body against the mat. There was nowhere for me to go. It was difficult to get away from the fucking, if that’s what I thought I wanted to do. When you’re pinned down between a lovely woman, her cock and the mat, there’s really no place to go.

She fucked and I moved against her, turning it into a “we fucked” moment. It felt good, which is something that hasn’t happened a lot in the few strap-on fucking moments I’ve had. They’re usually more awkward and often more frustrating, but this… oh this… Soon I was lying there, my left hand wrapped around my Mistress’ foot and was having a nice wonderful orgasm, my arching back and my arms pressing compelling me to rise from the mat, all while she was still fucking me. And then I collapsed to the mat again. My Mistress leg moved away from me. And yet LJ’s leg was near to my right arm, so I clutched that. And I held her foot through the next orgasm, again arching, pressing, stretching myself all while my strap-on cock equipped partner fucked me constantly.

Soon enough the second leg disappeared from my realm. The tent, although it was lit beautifully, disappeared for me. I don’t remember closing my eyes, but I knew that I saw nothing. I now felt the ground for something to hold, to keep me grounded. The cock slid out, she re-positioned and put it back in and fucked me again. It felt to me like she was getting into it, but I don’t know if she was getting off on it, still she fucked. My hands still searched for something to grab. No tent poles. No furniture. No people. Nothing, but… finally, the edge of the mat. I found it. It was a hard edge and I could pull it up just enough to grab, so I did. I melted into that mat, became a part of it and I felt almost as inanimate an object as the mat. There was a beautifully animate person driving a lovely thick inanimate cock into this person who had become a part of the mat. Alone on the mat, I had become the mat and I relished her pounding of my ass. I had two more orgasms while she fucked me, then I had to stop. Through the entire night, I think I had seven orgasms and my body was tired. And this fucking had been beautiful and lovely. I lay on the mat, wasted and tired and, oddly enough without achieving ejaculation, sated. Yes, I was satisfied with all of it. I had plenty of pleasure and just needed a few moments to lie there and relax. And so I did.

A few minutes later, as I consciously willed myself into getting up, because I don’t want to just lay there all night in afterglow, we peeled off the random pieces of “chuck” from my sweaty skin, I greeted my new found friend, learned her name, failed to ask her if I could use her name in this blog entry, sipped water, laughed, thanked her for her patience and, in general, had a very lovely time.

Thus far, this has been the most satisfying strap-on fucking I’ve ever had. It certainly was a lovely time and the presentation of it was also so lovely, wherein I didn’t see the strap-on wielding partner until after, I was successfully penetrated from behind and I had four frikkin orgasms! How cool is that?

I do have to say that I am very happy for this session to have happened and thankful to my lovely Chloe for making it happen. I do love how she gets things worked out for me and has made many a think work out for me in the past. Thanks, Ma’am. You’re so lovely for finding beautiful people to fuck me. ;)

Since then, I’ve spoken with Chloe about more strap-on play. How I know that it’s often presented in very D/s ways, but I also want us to be able to have a strap-on session wherein it’s loving and beautiful and, much like some of the time when I’m having sex with her, just us fucking. I’d love for her to be experienced enough with my ass to be able to just say “I’m fucking you tonight… ” and not have it be a big deal and not that it has to be something that’s necessarily D/s, but just another way to make love together. If we could find a way for her to be able to have an orgasm from fucking my ass while still denying my pleasure, that would be beautiful. I look forward to that day happening sometime soon. In the meantime, I’ll look back at this camp and this lovely Dudes In Distress orgy with great fondness. I really do love camp.