Bad day to good night

The other evening (Perhaps Wednesday?) Madame and I settled into bed. It had been a rough day for me. A terrible start (weigh in showed I hadn’t lost a thing), a busy as fuck day at the office (normal now) and a difficult ending, as my volunteer work has not been showing the fruit of its labor lately, as a meeting showed. I was pretty down by the time we got to bed.

It was one of those days that makes you feel less good about yourself. Nothing tragic happened, but tragic is usually fully out of your control. This was a day of long term, within-my-realm-things showing losses and that’s hard to deal with. Or at least, it let’s you know you’re human and fallible. And nobody likes to be reminded of that.

That night, we went to bed, watched an episode of something on TV and I did my evening devotional, as we’ve come to call it, wherein I clean up the “clean shaven folds” (to steal a phrase from Mick) and any other areas down within the panty world, and we snuggled into one of our comfy positions. This is usually her on her belly, her left hand holding my balls. I’m on my left side snuggled up against her. It’s far more comfortable than it sounds.

She asked “Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”

I thought briefly and asked “Can we fall asleep with me inside you?”

I could hear her smile as she said “Yes, we can do that, pup.”

She moved to her back, slid toward the middle of the bed and I went perpendicular to her. I made her and I both wet with my mouth and hand, then slid gently into her. Her leg wrapped over me and pulled me in as I slowly fucked deeper and deeper just until I was all the way in. At the moment I was all the way in, she kicked her leg to push me in and I knew that something was about to happen.

All the emotion of the previous day, today and the tenderness of our evening together really hit me. My body completely exploded in sensation. It was like an orgasm, but less from sexual stimulation and more from mental and emotional stimulation. I was so very full of love and compassion, so high on our togetherness and coupling, just high on being with her, right then, inside her and I had a first – an emotional orgasm. I say that not knowing if someone has coined it and it means something for others, but for me, it wasn’t as sexual as it was emotional. And it was good. Oh, dear $DEITY, was it good. It was like a “tantric” type orgasm (no cumming), a little bit of my cock spilling over into her and just intense waves from head to toe of pleasure.

L Position

The “L” position. AKA The most comfortable and lazy sex position in the world.

She too was turned on, so it wasn’t just me. I settled down a little and she put her hand to her pussy, rubbing her clit. Her leg pulled me back into her. I was pleased to find that I could fuck! I had a big beautiful hard on still and could fuck her – and fuck her I did. She rubbed her clit, I pinched her nipple and I fucked her right back. And she had a big fabulous orgasm, squeezing and grabbing at my cock. After, she reached her right hand out to me and I licked her palm. She praised me “Good boy… Good, good boy!” And I wagged my ass. And I fell asleep.

This was a short nap and soon I was awake, as she needed to move from the position. I asked her “It’s a little wet in there, shall I clean you up again, Madame?” and she replied “Yes, please do, dog.” I moved up to do so, giving her access to my cock and balls. She squeezed my balls hard as I licked her. That first tongue swipe dove deep into her and grabbed a big taste of myself and her. I swallowed, I licked, I cleaned, I caressed her beautiful lady parts with my tongue. I knew I had leaked into her and I knew I had just cleaned some of that up, which always puts me in a state of deeper submission. And I was one happy and content dog.

Now lying up against my lover as the big spoon, my hand on her breast, my leash in her hand, we fell asleep. Certainly a far better ending to my day than the beginning.