Last night was a glimpse into a possible future. Thursdays are typically reserved for Madame and her pup and shades are drawn, deadbolts turned and a normally open house is closed up and marked as “do not disturb”. Of course, before we threw the

He's doing dishes

Service includes the dishes

deadbolt one of the offspring (I have to find a better name for her children in the blog) showed up to talk with Madame and then complained that she was unable to get her wireless printer working. Madame gave me a knowing glance and I went to fetch my laptop, as I knew she’d be volunteering me to assist.

I did assist, cleared the problem and headed back to our side of the house where I began dinner. I cooked while Chloe did some online things. Chicken, some stuffed mushrooms, broccoli, pesto. I served her wine and refilled for her when she told me she was out of wine.

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