Every once in a while, Chloe gets a feeling that she wants my other persona to come in, give her a good and thorough fucking and then leave. But, like Riker stepping down from the Pagh, I don’t leave easily. I’m not doing it to make it hard on Chloe. I’m not doing it to be an imp in any way. I am doing it because I feel that she needs to claim her submissive back.

light switch

Switch on? or off?

She knows where the collar is. She knows the words I like to hear. She knows the ways and words that will capture me back to her as he submissive partner, her slave. Sure, I know, if I’m saying that it takes that much effort, then I’m not really a slave. Well, maybe. Kink your own kink, as it were.

But I like her to take command back. And we’ve been a little bit in flux since the move at the end of August and I’m looking forward to the changes we expect to have as we’ve moved under a different roof. I suppose I’m just waiting for the demand.