Last night, she woke late, needing me. Needing me inside her. And she took me in, used me, pleasured herself, brought me to the edge a couple times, then she simply rolled over, clutched her pillow and went to sleep. My cock, dripping and hard, throbbed as she rolled over away from me. I sidled up to her, as best I could with my cock pushing straight out away from me, tucking it down. I rubbed her back for less than a minute and she was asleep. This was, in fact, the second time she had used me as her sex toy that day.

I rolled onto my back, stroked my cock – only to frustrate myself further. Still no cumming allowed, I ended up just teasing myself to the edge before my brain would let me relax enough to sleep.

It’s been 95 days today since I’ve ejaculated. She likes that a lot. She likes the number 100 a lot. But she’s getting restless.


In a FLR…

In a Female Led Relationship like ours, she lays back on the bed while they watch football. She directs him to “make it hard and wet” and then he slips into her. She watches the game while he is facing away from the TV. She directs him, coaxes him, demands his service, denies his orgasm, then she rolls over and orders him to rub her back and give her play by play while she falls asleep.

This week, our football team lost, but the team in the bed won. Their FLR is working for them. He is denied, she is pleasantly rubbed and massaged and falls asleep happy.

He gets up to write a blog post, denied, frustrated, his cock throbbing and dripping, but still denied. His mouth tastes like her pussy and ass and he is very happy being reminded of her this way.

This is one of the ways in which they practice their FLR.

Packing, but still time for…

Last night we packed. I had some storage unit things to grab, she had other things at the house. I left work at a decent hour (for a chance, that’s nice), stopped at storage, got the storage things and headed back to the house. I made us some bubbly beverages, a huge bucket of popcorn (dinner?) and we talked a little about all the things.

I looked for my chaps (they were NOT in storage), finally found them, and started sorting a few of the other items also found in the bag with the chaps. I hadn’t noticed she’d moved to the bedroom, had removed her pants and panties and was waiting for me. She called me to come in, I complied and found her lying on the bed, her legs open.

“Kiss me.” I reached my body over the bed and began kissing her as directed. Between her legs, as directed. I kissed and nuzzled and inhaled. “I wish you could fuck me right now” she said. “But I know you wouldn’t last.” I reached over to the shelf where I swore I had a dildo, but it was not there. I was soon back between her legs, kissing and now licking. “Are you kneeling?”

“No, ma’am”

“Pull me forward… ” I pulled her body toward the edge of the bed. I knelt in front of her, moved back toward her pussy again and she poked me right in the eye as her hand moved back toward her clit to rub herself. I winced, rubbed my eye and went back to the job at hand.

Now this was an unusual situation. This was very new. Well, I’ve eaten her plenty of times. We have lots of sex compared to most people I know. But just in the middle of our evening, she was horny. She was dominant. And she wanted to cum. And she was mostly focused on herself. And my being her submissive was part of what she wanted. She wanted me kneeling, so I was. She wanted me to stay locked and I was. She wanted to have a cum and she did. And my contribution was to lick her, hold her legs up and make noises like her pet would make. This was a different Chloe to me, one that embraced her dominance that she wears very well in other places, and last night wore it just as well in her sexual life. And that seems to be some of the new part. Or at least the extemporaneous sexual dominance. She can plan and does plan, but taking our FLR into this kind of spontaneity is new for us.

I kept licking, what was at first kisses turned to full on licking and then to licking the sides of her pussy. Then I graduated to licking from her ass up to where her hand rubbed her clit with a big flat broad

Beautiful woman getting head

Beautiful woman getting head

tongue. And this she very much loved. She squeezed her legs to hold my face there. I whimpered and moaned. This she liked and exhorted me to make more noises like that. I held her legs, I made noises she liked and I knelt before her. She came, hard. She pulled my hair and my face into her as she came. Her legs clamped around my head. I held my breath.

Once she floated back to Earth, she praised my efforts. I wagged. I smiled. I was happy. I was thrilled. First, she rarely has an orgasm from my oral attentions. Second, it was unplanned, unscripted and completely unanticipated by me. Third, she has rarely taken her pleasure like this, in such a dominant way, with such confidence and… and… well… like I read of others. And it lends credence to those stories I hear of other FLR couples (or more than couple) where I wonder if they’re really telling it truly. And now I think, yes, they are. Chloe is coming into her dominance and desire to lead a Female Led Relationship and I’m more than okay with that.

Last night was just hot. Afterward, I had left her bedside, she had put her clothes back on and was in the living room and I turned around from going outside and came up to her, kissed her on the cheek and said “That was really fucking hot…” and walked out. Our smiles filled the room where I just stood, even after I left.