New chain

Madame requested a chain from which to hang her key for a recent milestone in our relationship. She received it. And yet, it was too short. She likes wearing my key around her neck, but the 20″ chain she already owned was too short – as it put the key very high up and too prominent. The 24″ chain I bought her put it lower, but not low enough. It would have to be the only neck jewelry she could wear and she’s usually more decorated than that. So the 24″ chain I got her for the milestone was too short, but she likes it nonetheless. I ordered a 30″ chain which arrived Friday. Sadly, when I ordered, I sent it to the Post Office. WTH was I thinking? I don’t know. But I left work, skipped out to the post and came back with a nice new 30″ chain. This puts the key deep into her cleavage, enough so that people MIGHT see it, but not necessarily. And it gives her the option to keep the key very close, but not quite in people’s faces.

Of course, there’s a part of me that enjoys her wearing it right where everyone can see. And anyone can ask “What’s that key for?” and she can either tell them or not. But if the 30″ chain means she can wear the key more often, I’m fine with that. I’m more than fine with that. I wonder if she knows that many keyholders wear the key around their ankles…

And my little fantasy brain sometimes takes us to places where she’s wearing the key very obviously, we’re at a bar together, and some man hits on her, asks her what’s the key for and she tells him. And invites him to her bed… But… is that a fantasy only? Or is it a reality I want? Like many, I’m not sure how I’ll feel if/when it happens, but it’s certainly very arousing to think of.