So, I’m in Vegas at a work event, and once I landed at JFK, I made for the bathroom where I self locked and sent Madame a picture. She didn’t ask for this, or order it, but was pleased I did so. Since then, I’ve been locked at the Hoover Dam, on a naked swim in Lake Mead and a longer than expected hike through more of Lake Mead Recreation Area. Too too long a hike. The lock on the Steelheart wore a nice mark on the tube as it swung back and forth the whole trip. As I was in my kilt, I ripped it off once I was clear of the road view. Then hiked back until I thought I could see the road again. Except for the backpack, the shoes, and the steelheart, I estimate it was 5 miles naked, another 2 with clothes on.

It’s been a busy conference so far, though there are some occasional times when the content is not suited to me, like now, when I can catch a break and step away.

So, I’ve stepped away.

Overall, Las Vegas is… artificial. Completely. Nothing here is natural. If you’re not a gambler, I’m unsure of the entertainment value without spending more money. The fountain was nice, but I’m just not really entertained in this concrete city. Off the strip is filthy. Poverty is everywhere off the strip. Vegas is a great symbol of massive excess. The street preachers may have a point. ;) Also, in Vegas, a block is not a block. It’s a half mile. And those blocks add up. It’s madness how far everything is. My feet are very tired.

There are some good things. Museums and shops and all. I ALMOST stopped into a hat shop last night, but decided against it. I need Madame’s opinion to buy a hat for myself. There are surrounding sites that are excellent. And yet, most of those sites are simply the source of all the excess – the Dam and the lake behind it. Massive demonstrations of man v. nature and even the audacity of man and what we think we can do. (Cadillac Desert anyone?)

Okay, I’m getting on a tangent. Sorry.

I miss my lover and Mistress, though it’s comforting to have her steel grasp clutching her cock and balls. That’s always nice. Except at 2 am. Owwww…


Here’s a picture of Lake Mead with a naked man in it to end the post.

Lake mead naked

The dog went for a swim in a big lake within a dessert.