Flip or flop

There are times, like Tuesday night, where things switch around here in our cozy little bungalow. We went out, had a good time, she was feeling the need for a good strong fuck and I was feeling a need to give her one. And that’s how we ended up with me pounding her heavily while she used the hitachi to add another perspective to her pussy, causing her to have a very deep cum, a little different than most of her other cums. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

I let my side get a little more animal than I could easily recover from. I was growling at her, most literally. Unable to produce coherent words nor provide any cogent reason why she shouldn’t simply smack me into next week, we should a gentler approach to getting me back to her and simply held me close and soothed me with words. She told me to breathe, she had me calm and I really tried to, but the animal would not leave the room.

She ended up taking the bathrobe tie to my mouth, gagging me. then she took my belt, still lying on the floor from us getting undressed, wrapped it around my head a couple times and tied it off to blindfold me. With those senses down, she was able to get me into a much calmer space. She clipped the leash to my collar as well. We soon fell asleep – a good night of food, drink, fucking and switching behind us, where the blindfold eventually fell off and the gag, expertly tied, was pulled from my mouth.

But in the end of it, I knew that my animal was far out of his place, had encroached too far into our FLR and I felt some guilt about it. Gagged, collared, blindfolded, I found myself down at the end of the bed, as far as I could be, down beneath her. I remember lapping at her hands, kissing her ass, rubbing her and trying to sooth her from wanting to do me harm, as I knew that the animal may have pressed too far, or stayed too long. And my submissive side was very much wanting to repair any damage that might have been done.

In the light of day and in hindsight, there was no damage done. Not at all. But it did feel awkward to need to come back to my submissive self and find that things were okay.

I like us in our FLR dynamic. And I like when we switch. But this was an odd time where I felt like I lost control of the animal and she had to bring it back under control. And that might have been more than she wanted to deal with that night.

In the end, it was a good night and a good next morning. I found myself kissing her toes before she left, then proceeding to my own morning routines.