“I’ll have what he’s having…”

So, I’ve been playing around with the ideas of orgasm without ejaculation for some time now. I haven’t practiced a lot, but I have practiced. And sometimes I can channel the energy just right and find myself an orgasm, even though Chloe is telling me “no cumming!”.

We’ve been so close and so touchy over the past week that my arousal has been so high and I can’t get enough of her. So this morning, after a morning errand, we had breakfast out. I told her “I could probably have an orgasm right here at the table.”

“That would be interesting.”

“I’ll have what he’s having?” I joked, quoting Harry met Sally. But I felt it. I felt the stirring.

We finished breakfast with no further sexual drama, but not without sexual talk and conversations about our coming adventure to kink camp.

We left, headed back to the cars and we made out a little bit in the parking lot, standing next to her car. She turned us and pushed my back up against the car. I grabbed her shoulder and her hip. She kissed me. I tucked my chin down, breaking the kiss and I felt it. I grabbed it with my mind and I took and ran. It was an orgasm. It was in me, and I worked it out. I grabbed her hard and tucked my face into her shoulder. I cried out into her shoulder as I orgasmed, my legs tightening, my back, my arms, all tense, all pulling, all pulsing. My cock twitched in its metal prison. I tried to not go too crazy, keeping myself at least partly on the Earth… and yet, I had an orgasm. In the parking lot. Making out. All that pleasure and without all the mess of cumming in my pants! So that’s even better!

Damn I love her. I love us. We are very good. I’ve never known I could have such powerful physical and mental pleasures and it just keeps getting better.