So, the search becomes more real.

The drafting in my mind of what a personals ad might look like is becoming more than a vision.

It is more than a vision at this point.

It’s a real thing, with hopefully enough personality and description to attract the right person.

The search is for a play partner to add to our fold. To My fold. Someone who will be of service to me, and someone I can use to help train my boy.

I wonder how this will go. I feel as though I am taking tentative steps. My boy and I have not even begun our alone time in the house yet and a part of me feels wary of changing the dynamic. But, on the other hand, this is an occasional play partner I seek, and I know that I am free to see how this goes. I am free to find the exact right candidate, or choose nothing and no one at all if that is the best option.

I think about this a lot.

Let's just pretend she's reading the want ads, shall we? There's no menu here.

Let’s just pretend she’s reading the want ads, shall we? There’s no menu here.

I will share my journey here, and I am thinking that this might be the only way my boy is able to see the progress I am making. My boy is forbidden to go snooping, and he knows this. I trust him fully to be true to his word around this. I am using a public forum (the ad) for a personal need (the training). I do not want him sitting in the front row, watching this all unfold. Rather, I want him on his knees, in a corner, head bent, waiting for his Mistress to make her decision. That is what I want.

Part of me wants to ask others what they would put in an ad if they were in my shoes. What would you say? How would you phrase it?? I am not stuck on what to say, but I am curious on the opinions of others. This blog does not seem to be all that interactive, but occasionally I wish it were. This is one of those times. I smile.

If you were a male submissive, and you found an ad from a woman who was seeking someone like you, what would you want it to say? What would grab your attention? What would be the pleasure buttons in it…..what would make you shy away, perhaps?? I wonder about this. I am confident in my ability to express myself, so I am not faltering in this task. Merely, I am curious. I like knowing how others think sometimes. And when it’s just the two of us in our kinky dynamic, I sometimes want the intellectual connection with others.

This is one of those times.

The ad will be placed, and the future will unfold. I hope my boy is ready for this if the exact right person comes along. He had better be.

Again, I smile.