Decisions, decisions…

Madame and I have different personal activities tonight. She’s off with a couple old friends while I am headed to a little meet up with a new friend.

The new friend is another woman whom I just recently met at another fine couple’s party a couple weeks ago.

I’m heading to meet this lovely person, have some conversations about where _I_ am in my world of relationships, where she is in her world of relationships and see whether there might be space for she and I to get together, assuming there’s a compatibility. It’s possible that, even though there’s some mutual attraction (we did make out a little at the aforementioned party) that we’re each looking for something different. So it could go either way. We’ll see. At the least, I’m looking for some delicious, fun and flirty conversation with a lovely woman.


Of course, on Madame’s way out, she said “Thanks for doing my dishes..” as she plopped down her bowl into the sink.

“Yes Ma’am, of course.”

“And for cleaning up the dish drain too.”

“But what if I don’t end up cleaning up the dish drain?”

“Well, then, you’ll be spending the night on the kitchen floor outside the closed bedroom door, naked, no blanket and no pillow.”


And for that brief moment before she continued talking, I considered it as an option. Really.

But then she continued…

“But if you do clean it up, then you’ll be welcomed into my bed, your face pressed tightly against my pussy and I’ll give you a nice fucking.”

So, well, the dishwasher is running and the dish drain is empty. And I look forward to some pussy lapping and sex later. Of course, being the Mistress, she can sometimes be fickle, so I know that, if she really wants, I can still spend my night on the floor naked. But I’m willing to make her bed and hope to lie in it.