Nekkid May!

So, Nekkid April was posted, I think, but Nekkid May – not so much! I might have tweeted one of these already, but I’ll continue with the posting of them, because I know some people don’t twitter and, well, this is already blathering far beyond 140 characters!

Nekkid on the rocks

Nekkid on the rocks




This was taken off a small trail in an area that’s a land preserve. It’s so nice we have these little tiny spaces of land where people can explore and get a little bit of naked time – well – if those little places are deserted, like this one was. I like this image because I can actually see progress on the weight loss I’ve been working on. Compared with the image I see of myself every morning, which is from the front, this one let’s me see the image of me from the back and side, which actually cuts a nice figure. I need to lose more, but I’ll get there, I am sure. :)

Full frontal nekkid on the rocks

Full frontal nekkid on the rocks

And of course the second image is one in which I show that I am, indeed, locked up and for this stint of time, it was almost a week of constant lockup, as I was house sitting and away from my Mistress, so she wanted me locked, and so it was. I think she enjoys seeing me display the pictures of me locked, knowing how deeply she actually owns me, far beyond a metal tube, but then, that kind of ownership doesn’t need a metal tube, does it?

Nekkid June promises to provide lots of opportunity for nekkid, as we have CAMP! We’ll show up early for our kinky camp, set up the place, play at the place, tear it all down and if the weather cooperates, we’ll get lots and lots of naked time. I’ll have a wonderful tan by the end.



So, I always like to be nekkid at least once a month out of doors. I haven’t even made that work each month in 2016, but I _DID_ make it happen, barely, in January. And here’s proof!

This was on our return home from a weekend of….. something I can’t recall. But we were in NH and driving back home when this lovely little driveway appeared. Turns out there’s a paintball field here, but nobody playing in the winter, so I doffed the kilt and the shirts and fleece and Chloe took some lovely photos of me while amid the snow covered ground. Boots don’t come off in the cold, that’s how the nekkid works in winter. ;) At the end of the photo shoot, she caned me, which always hurts more in the cold. So I got back into the car a little shivery, not just from the cold but from the caning as well. She gave me a few minutes to collect myself and then blast the heat in the car and we were all good to continue our drive back home. I think we missed the February outdoor nekkid, but I have some March outdoor nekkid.

One of those "This looks like an interesting driveway" moments. Ending up with our January Nekkid photo shot.

One of those “This looks like an interesting driveway” moments. Ending up with our January Nekkid photo shot.