It’s like having perfect sex

“Perfect sex.”

Madame and I were in the confines of the comfy bed beneath the sea of blankets and I was rubbing her back, pressing into her back with stiff fingers and she said “no, don’t stop. It’s like having perfect sex”

Perfect gift

This led to the dog inquiring to the Mistress what she thought perfect sex was. The big takeaway from her was that perfect sex is variable based on her mood, attitude, etc. I agree. Perfect sex for my dominant side if ¬†far different than me in my submissive side. There’s also a difference between perfect sex with my primary partner (Chloe) and any other partner I might have. So, at its essence, asking what is “perfect sex” is completely conditional.

I suppose this is not unlike the question of “What is quality” and if we were to go completely Robert Pirsig on this, we’d get in pretty deep, pretty quick. It’s completely subjective.

Given my position at the time the question came up, submissive and well within her influence as my dominant partner, my perfect sex was something to the effect of…

Being completely capable and able to fuck her as hard and as deeply as she wants, without having to stop because I get too close to orgasm. My perfect ideal of this starts with us in a missionary position and moves to us in our very luxurious and, I think, favorite position of ours, her laying back, me almost perpendicular to her on my side and our legs intertwined (I’ve searched for this and can’t find an image to share) where she can touch herself and make herself cum while I fuck her. She has a beautiful cum after she uses me and then she rolls over, I spoon her, I touch her breast and she falls asleep.

This is simply one version of what “perfect” might be. And it’s certainly a version where me as the submissive would feel things being perfect. Providing my Mistress a beautiful orgasm while she uses me as her toy, which I am, and she concludes the interaction. I have served my purpose, served my Mistress and that… that’s some measure of perfection to me.