Small moments

Sometimes it’s a small moment that takes place between her and I. One recent time was a family event at the hotel. Renting out a couple hotel rooms, ordering pizza and throwing the kids in the pool is a great way to get through a cold spell in Maine, so that’s what we did.

Food, cocktails, snacks and sodas for everyone up in the rooms, then time to change and head down to the pool. She and I went into one of the bathrooms in the suite and she stopped me after I had stripped off my pants and while she was also naked.

“Lay down” I lay on the floor. “Flat, head down” she clarified. I did so.

She stood over me, facing the locked door and let go a slow trickle. She quickly zeroed in on my mouth and it began to fill.

“Swallow” she said. I tried to keep up, swallowing and filling and swallowing as she continued to fill my mouth with her piss.

“That’s so fucking hot” she smiled as she spoke. My view was of her beautiful pussy and ass hovering over me, but her view was of watching in the mirror on the door – the trickle flowing into my mouth, my quick swallows and some of the splattering of piss onto my face. She had a great view and was very pleased. The sound of her piss sounded so loud. Water falling into a pool – trickling into a larger pocket of water – that sound, loud, echoing around the room. Surely anyone outside would be able to tell… but she just smiled.

She was done, it was not all she had, but it was enough to put me in my place. She finished up on the toilet and then squatted over me so I could clean her pussy of any stray drops.

“That was hot. The sounds, the look of your locked up cock. My piss filling your mouth. It makes me horny. But you’re locked up, aren’t you?” I nodded. “Pretty useless, pup. Pretty useless… ” she smiled and touched my chin.

“Get dressed, let’s go.”

We left the bathroom and continued on the rest of our evening with the family. We both agreed a good time was had by all and we giggled on the way home about our little escape into the bathroom, right under their noses, but still behind locked doors.

New carpet!

Chloe has not quite felt “at home” in our new room (in the same house we were in). So we painted it, she ordered carpet, we had it installed. And now, Chloe is far happier. Our first night there, I having left work early and moved back IN all the things we had moved OUT the previous night, I knelt naked before her. I kissed her ass cheeks, then her feet. She straddled my body and spanked my ass a few times with her hands. She sat on my back with her bare ass and pussy. On my hands and knees, I adjusted my elbows so support us. She pulled at my balls, prodded at my ass, stroked my cock. I whimpered, I moaned, I winced.

She stood up a bit now, I could feel her legs against my side. She reached behind her, her hand pressed my head and I heard her say “Down”. I kept my head bowed down toward the ground. Her legs still resting against my, I felt the first trickle, it dripped down my back toward my shoulders, down to my arms and dripped there. “Clean it, nothing on my carpet” I lapped at my hands and arms where the drips were landing. She was doing this slowly, certainly not a full on stream. I lapped at my hands and arms as she let more go each time I seemed to be done cleaning the previous release. “I love hearing your tongue. Lap it up, pup!” She let another stream loose. “Keep going, boy!”

I did a good job of keeping up, she was cautious with how much she let flow. Very little ended up on the carpet. She stood completely, walked away from me and soon was toweling me off. “You’ll use that towel tomorrow after your shower, dirty boy”.

“Yes, Ma’am” I replied.

“Now let’s go to bed and you can give me a good fucking.”

And that’s exactly what we did.

Looking forward to more adventures on the new carpet.