FICTION: Road trip

It was their annual pilgrimage to their kinky camp. A trip they looked forward to every year. They’d been on the road for a few hours already and she was getting fidgety. She always got fidgety. Even Pandora was no longer entertaining her. He heard her ask her phone “Find me a pub.” It responded, she got frustrated, but eventually found the map that suggested several pubs in the area and she looked up from her phone.

“Here! Now!” she barked as they approached the latest exit.

He looked at her, then at his mirrors and he whipped his head around, trying to peer over the pile of pillows in the back seat. He slid over from the left lane and made the exit in the nick of time. He breathed deeply and exhaled as he decelerated on the ramp. “Well done, boy.” She smiled. “Right.” He put on the blinker.

She gave directions and within 10 minutes they were in the parking lot of the pub. His stress was on his face, still feeling the rapid exit with not a lot of time, but he almost anticipated the action and had a good awareness of the other lanes.  This was not their first road trip together and this was not unusual to have happen.

“Good breathing, pup. You handled that well.”

“Thank you, Ma’am.”

“Let’s go then, I need a bite. And more than just you.”

They walked in and they both saw the same thing. The grail of their road trips. “Family Restroom” She smiled at him. He smiled back. They took a seat at a booth near the bar. Drinks, lite fare, conversation, innuendo. Her foot ended up in his lap, he gave her a massage. Then the other foot too.

“Time to pee, boy” she smirked at him. They both stood, but made a point of leaving the table appearing occupied, and headed toward the rest rooms. They slipped into the family restroom together. She walked toward the toilet, turned and pointed at the ground. He knelt where she pointed. She undid the clothes necessary and sat down, putting her hand on his shoulder and pulling him toward her legs. He bent over as the sounds of her peeing echoed in the restroom. It was a roomy space and tastefully decorated for a pub. A chair in the corner made it look more like a ladies washroom, but the tile floor and drab color of the walls was less impressive. The sounds stopped and she stood, then pulled his face into her. He knew what to do and did so, craning his neck awkwardly, as was necessary for this cleaning process. She held his head with her hand. “Be still” she spoke. He held his face at her mound and soon she filled his mouth. He swallowed, she continued, he swallowed again. She soon finished and swung her leg back to a more normal position so she could stand. She walked to the chair. “Come.” he crawled over to her and buried his face back into her, cleaning her. Her scent was deep on his face. She picked up a leg and put it on his back. “Back there too, dirty boy.” He complied, cleaning her as she commanded. She pushed him away then went to clean her hands. He took this opportunity to pee and then flushed. He washed his hands and was about to wash his face when she reached a hand up toward it… she grabbed his face in her hand. “No. You wear that” and she smiled at him.

“Yes Ma’am” he smiled back and licked his lips.

They returned to the booth to finish their drinks, get the bill and leave. Their waitress smiled widely at them as she noticed the key resting between Chloe’s breasts. “Lovely necklace… ” she smiled.

“Indeed. It’s for important property.”

“I think I know what you mean” the waitress said and then glanced at him. He blushed deeply. “Yes, that blush tells me I’m right. You two have a wonderful time, wherever you’re headed.”

“Thank you so much” Chloe responded. “We will. We most certainly will.”