Labor Day

She let me sleep in, but I woke up, made the bed, removed my collar and joined the rest of the house, made my own coffee, as there was no more prepped and joined the day.

She worked on dealing with some freecycle things.

I started the laundry.

She worked on some logistics for her father and his new place.

I mopped the kitchen floor.

She may have even ducked into the bedroom to jill off while I was working on cleaning the grill.

I took care of the dishes in the dishwasher, sink and drainboard.

I fixed her (and I) brunch.

She worked on her fantasy football team.

I shaved my cock and balls at her command, then showered, then put the shower curtain into the last load of laundry.

I remain at home, no car, she is out helping her father with some things. I am continuing to do laundry, cleaning up our room and then working on some organizing in the mudroom while she’s gone. As we have roommates around, I’m not naked, but I am wearing nothing but my slave pants.

She will come home, I will serve her a cocktail, I will remain in my slave pants and I will serve all the other folks who are coming over some drinks as well, while she socializes and works with her brother on fine tuning her fantasy football team

She gave me some cane strokes and a spanking.

She gave me some cane strokes and a spanking. Fresh spanking, fresh flowers, fresh veggies. All good!

Some might say I’m whipped – well, I wasn’t, but I was caned and spanked. And if some want to call me pussy whipped, I’m perfectly okay with that. I don’t mind. I am happy to serve my lovely Mistress and she keeps me happy by grabbing my cock once in a while and whispering into my ear as she jacks me off, bringing me to where I beg her to STOP and then let’s go, walks away with a smile and tells me the next task on my to-do list, all while the pre-cum drips from the head of my cock.