The safety pin

I’m going to wear the safety pin. There have been good reasons posited by others as to why me, as a straight (looking) white guy and certainly part of the privileged class should not. There are valid reasons, most of them I think revolving around “A safety pin is not enough”.

But I’m going to wear it for a couple other reasons.

There are people in my circle of volunteer life that are thrilled that Trump won. They would have no problem closing our volunteer group to gay, lesbian, bi, trans and otherwise non gender binary folks as our group once was. They already know some of my leanings politically, but putting the safety pin on, I hope to make them think, as Gray Miller says in their post on the topic “let them know Oh. He might not be one of us. Maybe it will draw their ire onto me; that’s cool, that’s part of the plan. Maybe it will just make them hesitate for a moment. ” Outside of my volunteer group, I’m happy to let other people see that I might not be whom they expect.

There’s another part too, which I have no read about yet. But putting the safety pin on daily will remind me that yes, I do, in fact, have privilege. People like me are the ones that put this “no talent ass clown” into office and I need to remind myself, daily, that I need to help. Putting the safety pin on reminds me, daily, to go out there and be that person, that right person.

And there’s another reason too. I’m kinky. I’m bi. I’m pretty sure that if I were outed, my job would be safe from my colleagues. But whether my job would be safe from the court of public opinion (the pitchfork carrying ones) is a big question. I’m not worried about the coworkers, but I am worried about management getting pressure from others. It could happen. And that kind of not knowing keeps me on edge. I know, my kink is not my skin color. My bisexuality is not obvious. I don’t wear it every day like so many people do. Racial minorities don’t get a chance to be non-minority. I do. Again, more privilege. I recognize that.

What will I do in circumstances? I don’t know. I know I’m willing to call people out in public. Will I be willing to call people out in private? At thanksgiving? At the holidays? Will I step in to prevent violence? Will I put myself in the crosshairs, figuratively? Literally? These questions I will have to push myself on.

And, well, the general idea of wearing to show people I support them, well, that’s a damn good reason too. I know putting on the pin isn’t enough. Actions are what is needed. And I’ll continue to act better. I know I won’t be perfect, but I can promise better.